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My day started with a 30 mile drive to Fredericksburg TX for a nuclear scan of my hip.  Found a brilliant and amiable sports med doc who wants to see why after 6 years it continues to hurt.  The guy who did the hip surgery said it was bursitis and there was nothing to be done but rub some Pennsaid into it and not to walk in hills.  Considering we live in the Texas hill country that ruled out walking.  The fact that my leg sort of seizes up and I cannot, was not a consideration, So new doctor new hope.  The great news about the trip was I had a 2 hour break and discovered a shop that make chocolate with liquid centers like a chocolate liqueur, called Chocolat.  

This week I have completed my journal assignments for the week, this is for Journal 52 This weeks prompt was  Be humble,  you are of the earth  Be noble, you are of the stars
I was inspired by the collages of Sarah Bean an artist and scientist.

Now the rest of my day is to fix my ipad that i tried to upgrade  it came up with the mes…


hello hello! I'm back, How are you Julie, Hope all is well with you.  

Today is Tuesday April 5 and after clearing up my mess of months, my work top is visible and my journals are caught up.  This is what I am working on :

Documented Life Journal, The Unplannner.  Each week there are assignments and tasks.  Last week was pocket picks  where you make a pocket for things to remember about the month.  I just glued them to the page as they included photos of our trip to the coast and south texas.  It was also the first time I managed to figure out how to use my new Canon printer.  it is not difficult  to use but new and different for my ancient brain to grasp.

This week the PAC (really ATCs) challenge was black and white.  I just had fun.

Next is Journal 52; this site was bought late in 2015 by Effy Wild and has become really artsy.  Many good artist joined the group and really set a high standard.  Week 12 was emulate or duplicate a famous artist.  I chose David Hockney " Maelstrom …