My day started with a 30 mile drive to Fredericksburg TX for a nuclear scan of my hip.  Found a brilliant and amiable sports med doc who wants to see why after 6 years it continues to hurt.  The guy who did the hip surgery said it was bursitis and there was nothing to be done but rub some Pennsaid into it and not to walk in hills.  Considering we live in the Texas hill country that ruled out walking.  The fact that my leg sort of seizes up and I cannot, was not a consideration, So new doctor new hope.  The great news about the trip was I had a 2 hour break and discovered a shop that make chocolate with liquid centers like a chocolate liqueur, called Chocolat.  

This week I have completed my journal assignments for the week, this is for Journal 52 This weeks prompt was
 Be humble,  you are of the earth
 Be noble, you are of the stars

I was inspired by the collages of Sarah Bean an artist and scientist.


Now the rest of my day is to fix my ipad that i tried to upgrade  it came up with the message "trying to verify"  that prevents me shutting it down or doing anything.  It has be going for over 36 hours!!!!  I found how to get in icloud late Monday.

See you all ASAP!


  1. I love your collage page Monica! It's 'clean and simple' and therefor strong! Hope the weather will get better for you - I send a bit of fresh North Sea breeze your way! Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland, Marit #26

  2. Sending hope this new doctor can help. yeah.. Hill Country is definitely 'hill' walking territory. Is that chocolat in Fredricksburg? I must check it out on my next trip down. I do a lot of music business in the area and make a stop in historic Fredricksburg each time I'm in the area. Love the swirly background to your journal 52 spread. calming. Creative Blessings! Kelly #43

  3. Pretty journal pages. Hope the new dr. Has some good ideas to help you out. Elaine no. 51

  4. Hi there, lets hope this new Doc can help- at least he seems to want to, which is a positive. The chocolates sound wonderful, lol.
    Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #3 xx

  5. How frustrated you must be to have been in pain for so long. Hope the new doc can help.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #44

  6. Yummy chocolates. Great journal page. Sending you lots of luck at getting some results in helping with your hip pain. Hugs!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #29

  7. Hope you get answers about your hip.

    Chocolate. Yum. Can't go wrong with chocolate!

    Lovely layout

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #36

  8. Love your journal pages! So sorry about your hip. The chocolat might be just what the doctor ordered (That would be my story):)
    Well wishes and happy creating!
    Kim #65

  9. Beautiful collage Monica! I love the swirling background - perfect for the quote! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  10. Love that quote! And I also believe chocolate can cure all ills, or at least help take your mind off of them and inspire great artwork. xoxoxo

  11. Oh how yummy is that shop can you say HEAVEN and then to the treadmill to fix you up after
    I have such a weekness for good chocolate too but I really like nut centers instead of booze it muddles the chocolate lol
    Happy REALLY LATE WOYWW hugs Nikki 5


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