hello hello! I'm back, How are you Julie, Hope all is well with you.  

Today is Tuesday April 5 and after clearing up my mess of months, my work top is visible and my journals are caught up.  This is what I am working on :

Documented Life Journal, The Unplannner.  Each week there are assignments and tasks.  Last week was pocket picks  where you make a pocket for things to remember about the month.  I just glued them to the page as they included photos of our trip to the coast and south texas.  It was also the first time I managed to figure out how to use my new Canon printer.  it is not difficult  to use but new and different for my ancient brain to grasp.

This week the PAC (really ATCs) challenge was black and white.  I just had fun.

Next is Journal 52; this site was bought late in 2015 by Effy Wild and has become really artsy.  Many good artist joined the group and really set a high standard.  Week 12 was emulate or duplicate a famous artist.  I chose David Hockney " Maelstrom Bodo" 

Week 13 was a Lyric either a Mondegreen( yes, you may have to Google this word!!!) or actual Lyric.  My choice was the original version of  "Yesterday"  by Charles Aznavour.  The lyrics are from the English version and I had no idea that it was a song of regret!

This week was either roots or seeds; roots always makes me think of maths or inheritance so after playing around with scraps this emerged.  

final Journal is my everyday journal called a Fauxbonichi.  I like doing this journal though rarely post as posting seems such a hassle!  Just a selection.  Since the last upgrade to my 'puter wiped out my Print Master program and the new versions are rubbish,  a solution was required.  There is a mini printer that works off heat called a Selphy and prints out small photos ideal for a small journal or planner.  ( there is a whole industry built around this size photo and planners)  This was considered but paper is expensive and it is limited.  My choice, the new Canon MG77220 that incorporates a Selphy program( yet to use)  and other features I am only just mastering.  It was a bargain on Amazon and is very slick in a techie way.  

This was yesterday when I finally "GOT IT".  The photos are old and the first i found!  printed on 4x6 sample paper.

below was just before my success so i tried drawing.  

AND here we are my work space today, clean for me a "messy"

My other desks ready for action.
With the onset of summer days, the Mistress of Monica's Place, Xochitl and Ms Kitty prefer to lie in the sun.  

Since my last post google has mad incredible update to posting photos on here.  very impressed.  They actually seem to have reached out to we norms!

Have a great week and plan is to visit y'all


  1. Fab journal and workdesk

    Happy WOYWW


  2. Wow! You have been very productive! And such nice work areas! Thanks for the visit and hope you have a great rest of the week!
    Carol N $45

  3. I agree about the posting of photos. I agree too that you're into so many things now that you are busy - in a 'painting the Forth bridge' sort of way! I should have been cat, , although recently, when there is sun, I do just sit in it! Very happy to read of Chris' rapid recovery - how scarey awful.x

  4. Great journals. Your space looks great. I need to get my organizing in gear.
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #30

  5. You have a beautiful, tidy desk. The journals look great - you have a lot of them on the go at the same time!

    happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #42

  6. Love your journals, and your creative space! One of my favorite things to do just for me!
    Late post, but trying, bit of a trying week!
    Happy Creating!
    Kim #66

  7. My-oh-my, there's a lot to see in this post. Great journal pages and thanks for giving us some extra info with your pages. I'm a bit late with visiting you back this woyww-week... it's already Sunday! A sunny Sunday overhere in HOlland (Spring arrived! Yay!) and I wish you the same! Marit woyww #37


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