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Need to be quick writing this as we have a Flood Alert.  Actually we should be above the water as we are at 2,00ft!  We have had so much rain this past month and especially last week that all the rivers in Central Texas are flooding.  Forecast is for more rain and storms.  This is a La Nina years and she is making up for the dominance of El Nino for the last 4 or 5 remember "Hell hath no fury Like a woman scorned"?  She's really pissed!  

Thursday was a real flasher with a hail stone the size of a cricket ball coming through the bathroom skylight
Damage to the den outer layer of skylight

Damage to the kitchen outer layer of skylight. They are now taped up and new skylights on order.  
After it was over Xochitl came in to guard the bathroom from Bonkers, the red Cardinal who attacks the wall windows!
Worked on pages in journals over the weekend.  After buying a copy of Stampington's Art Journaling I had to look up two of the artists. and view their work  Carly Swenson


Another week another wednesday.  That means a day to look at what other hobbyists around the globe are up to via WOYWW.   Starting early today(tuesday).  What a week. Last night MS Kitty suddenly went ballistic, biting her tail and legs, racing around as if she had been attacked by an unseen force.   I wonder if Game of Thrones scared her.  We watched it last night. The situation became more scary when Xochitl ran after her causing mayhem and so we had to put X in my studio while I calmned Ms Kitty.  
As you see Ms Kitty is recovered and ready for a nap.

I finished my Documented life journal for week 21.  The prompt was to List 10 songs that set our feet tappin'.  Since i like so many and never remember names of songs or singers i went to dear Mr.Google who was able to provide decades of dance tunes, Tapping my feet remains an ability not lost whereas today's dancing is more a breathless shuffle. below is a page showing the list pinned to a background collage of USA postage stamp…

363 WOYWW a gloomy day in the texas Hill Country

it is like UK, overcast and steady gentle rain.  It is cool for here 72F (22.22C).  It has been like this since saturday and forecast stretches it into next week.  The cats are very upset and keep going in and out.  they come in very wet and so are wrapped in a towel and in struggling to get free emerging dry and receiving a treat!Last week we had hail that was not as ferocious as the rest of the country but loud enough to wake me, it was 2.00 am and without my hearing aids, storms usually never bother me.  This sure was  a bad guy.  It flashed and boomed for 30 minutes.We did not lose power as they did on the south side of town. 

My workspace after 3 days of journaling in Journal 52 and the Documented Life. What a lovely mess.  

The gloomy view
 Open on the window sill is a blank journal where I was using up excess paint.  and on the desk you see my Fauxbonichi journal.  Sort of falling off with writing that.  The idea of recording my life is becoming a bit of a drag.  There are legions…


here I am dropping in after several weeks of absence AGAIN.  never remember until wednesday evening.  Spending my time on my journals, learning my printer and trying to resolve the "Mysteries of Google'.  Meaning how does Google Photos work with google Drive, that is easy as Google wrote up some very clear "how to" and "What".  This leave the absurd Google+  and old Picasa.  The latter has been set free to blend into web history and never change.  Google+ makes no impact on me as I am retired.  I  do not wish my blog or others scribblings to meet the millions out there who can help me.  There is no desire to spend every minute on a contraption in touch with where, what when, and ignoring the world around me.  My bitch about people on mobiles every minute even when out for a meal or wine tasting.  

this is my spread for week 19 in journal 52.  The prompt was celebrating friendship.  I chose to use photos from my childhood as i had finally found out how to ge…