363 WOYWW a gloomy day in the texas Hill Country

it is like UK, overcast and steady gentle rain.  It is cool for here 72F (22.22C).  It has been like this since saturday and forecast stretches it into next week.  The cats are very upset and keep going in and out.  they come in very wet and so are wrapped in a towel and in struggling to get free emerging dry and receiving a treat!Last week we had hail that was not as ferocious as the rest of the country but loud enough to wake me, it was 2.00 am and without my hearing aids, storms usually never bother me.  This sure was  a bad guy.  It flashed and boomed for 30 minutes.We did not lose power as they did on the south side of town. 

My workspace after 3 days of journaling in Journal 52 and the Documented Life.  What a lovely mess.    

The gloomy view

 Open on the window sill is a blank journal where I was using up excess paint.  and on the desk you see my Fauxbonichi journal.  Sort of falling off with writing that.  The idea of recording my life is becoming a bit of a drag.  There are legions of bloggers out there writing and photographing their lives.  They have a vision that every minute of life should be documented.  It is a bit like the guy who complained that he had 85,000 photos in the cloud and felt he had no time to look at them.  Maybe future generations will have so much free time  they will read/look at our photos and writings to fill in their days.  I think my daily Fauxbonichi journal of "My Life" would make a very successful sleep aid!

Here is my Journal 52 for week 20.  I reinterpreted the prompt "Food with a face, what is it saying" as Food Chatter.  Several ideas translates into several layers.  I started out with the family " meat and 2 veg".    originally intended to draw the food but it looked like nothing so bang went that layer.  Now I know why, when i asked retirees "what do you do all day" i never got an answer.  how can you describe slapping on layers of paint, adding torn paper and pondering over prompts that produce shelves filled with crazy stuff inside binders and books?

Better to leave them  thinking something exciting and meaningful for the world is happening.

I think it is cider time.(cider has replaced sherry as the summer drink of my cocktail hour).

Last week i ran into several desks where I was unable to leave a comment.  I do not know how to comment on Google + even though i signed up.  But there are some posts that the comment box was missing or where my comment went into cyber space.  This week if that happens I will try to email the person.


  1. lol--that 'what have you been doing" question--we often have no exciting answer--well, we've been working on the jigsaw puzzle, reading, slapping some paint around, going for a walk--a very dull life to younger people--"why are they sitting around doing nothing??"

  2. You raise some thought provoking issues in your post today. I've never been a journal keeper, partly because I know that I'd never keep up with it but mainly because I don't feel the need to relive past glories all the time. I very much live for the day. That guy who doesn't look at his 85k photos, how sad is that?
    That must have been some storm you had, I'm glad you were relatively unaffected. We had hail here today but it wasn't much...my poor veg plants are looking a bit battered though :-(
    HUgs, LLJ xxxx

  3. Your desk looks wonderful. I love the food journal page - makes me quite hungry! I take loads of photos and am trying to share. I'm trying to get them organised too so maybe the kids will have some pictorial memories.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #45

  4. I love all those drawers being open by your desk - that is exactly how I work, too!! You have a tremendous view from your workspace. How do you ever get anything done?
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  5. Hi Monica. Love your journal work. I don't play in mine as much as I'd like. I have to have the studio in order before I can mess it up. I don't worry about what will happen to my journals when I'm gone. They are for me - now. If my granddaughters want any part of them when I'm gone, okay. If not, I hope my husband will hold a big bon-fire at my country wake. Creative Blessings! Kely #50

  6. Some times I think it is just a blogger issue. ( It took me three tries to get your blog to load for me) It seems to be a random thing for me when it happens and I know what you mean about hiding comment boxes ( and I do have google+ because, my phone snuck it in on me and I cannot get rid of it anymore) a long time ago I went through a scrapbooking phase and I did 24 albums in 2 years... ( some were gifts) but, the thought in my head was you have one child are you really going to move them out using a semi truck? and the answer was no. so, scrapping for me is a very few and far between thing anymore. Thanks for the earlier visit, ~Stacy #52

  7. I received your comment on my blog clear and well yesterday, so thank you! As you know, I do keep a weekly diary-like art journal but I don't think someone will ever read it in the future (as far as it is readable... sometimes I use paint over the texts and all... ) and I agree: half (most) of the time my life is 'boring' - not to me (creating is never boring!) but to read it I mean... oh well, that's ok. Have a great week without thunderstorms! Hug from Holland, Marit #34


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