Another week another wednesday.  That means a day to look at what other hobbyists around the globe are up to via WOYWW.  
Starting early today(tuesday).  What a week. Last night MS Kitty suddenly went ballistic, biting her tail and legs, racing around as if she had been attacked by an unseen force.   I wonder if Game of Thrones scared her.  We watched it last night. The situation became more scary when Xochitl ran after her causing mayhem and so we had to put X in my studio while I calmned Ms Kitty.  

As you see Ms Kitty is recovered and ready for a nap.

I finished my Documented life journal for week 21.  The prompt was to List 10 songs that set our feet tappin'.  Since i like so many and never remember names of songs or singers i went to dear Mr.Google who was able to provide decades of dance tunes, Tapping my feet remains an ability not lost whereas today's dancing is more a breathless shuffle. below is a page showing the list pinned to a background collage of USA postage stamp images of dancing. The page is a flap and opens out to the weekly calendar.

I cannot decided if i want to continue doing this calendar as I have not been very creative with it.  I do a daily journal that is more writing but I am a little fed up with that as the group I do it with has so many rules.  have to re think it.  

On the back of the page are this week's PACs(pocket art cards).  The challenge was to use a circle from the set in the kit.   The PACs were playing cards where i had made the backgrounds so added the circles and glued down the paks.  The middle on is attached with black thread.  Gives it motion!

Journal 52 always has 2 prompts, this week unraveled and/ stitched.  I had just finished reading a post about a British embroidery teacher and remembered a sampler made in a class.  Amazingly I found it, so glued it into my journal.  This sample was made at a class over 10 years ago with Australian artist Helen Dafter.  SO happy it has a permanent home.  It is silk ribbon embroidery.  After carpal tunnel surgery my stitching was off and practice resulted in too much discomfort.  Paper is a compromise...still create, not nearly as satisfying.  

Desk tidy (enthusiasm lacking) 
  A "to keep or not to keep" moment at my
 workspace. have to get ladders out to put books on top shelf.  problem when you are short is adequate space require upward mobility.

have a great week.


  1. Shame your journal group wants you to go by to many rules it suppose to be fun too and like your PAC's (new term for me) they look really creative like you had lots of fun making them
    HAPPY WOYWW hugs Nikki ??? to early

  2. Fab pix and post

    Happy 7th Anniversary WOYWW


  3. Happy 7th WOYWW, Monica - I love that last photo of you hard at work! I sympathise with you having to work out your choice of toe tappers. I have so many, being a true child of disco in the 70s...ah yes, I loved boogying all night. I couldn't possible pick just ten :-D
    Hugs, LLJ xxx

  4. I've got books everywhere and now I've noticed I'm piling them up on the floor. Not a good sign.
    Lynn 15 x

  5. What a handsome kitty. I was sad to read about your carpal tunnel ending your embroidery - I developed rheumatoid arthritis which put an end to my teaching textiles so I know the feeling. Lucky for me they have new drugs which have given me my hands back. Anyway your artworks are super and I wouldn't stand for too many rules either. Happy WOYWW birthday x Jackie #31

  6. I haven't done a journal in a while. I like prompts, but not a lot of rules. You just need something to get you going and see where it takes you! The silk ribbon embroidery is pretty. I did a lot of it years ago but not in a while!

    Happy WOYWW anniversary
    Sharon K #43

  7. I am totally impressed you have collected dancing postage stamps. ( I tend to save ones with birds or something on them) and so, I think if the group is not fun maybe it's time for a new group? Thanks for the earlier visit, & Happy Anniversary! ~Stacy #59

  8. Pleased to hear your Kitty settled down. Great to see you working, we don't often get to see photos of each other. Wishing you a happy 7th woyww anniversary, Angela x 30

  9. Rules? Crafting? Surely that defeats the object of creativity? I'm with you! I feel yr pain on the night front being a lofty 5'3" and struggling with reaching things all my life. Happy WOYWW..sorry for the late arrival. Elaine no. 33

  10. I am determined to get round all the desks in celebration of the fun we have with all our mad WOYWW friends so here I am! Give me fabric and stitches any day!! That sampler is lovely. Happy 7th WOYWW anniversary - here's to many more! x Jo #19

  11. Poor Ms. Kitty! your PAC is very cute.
    Happy anniversary!!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #2

  12. I keep a stool in my craft room and in my kitchen for reaching high things. You're art cards are very cool. Sorry about so many rules with your calendar group - should be fun. Happy belated WOYWW Anniversary! Hope you have a great and crafty week. LisaDV #44

  13. You always seem to find a way, despite obstacles. I have arthritis, too, and stave it off for now but know it is a battle I will eventually not win.

  14. Give Ms Kitty Hugs - that sometimes happens to me. LOL
    April #40

  15. I knew I was running late, but I didn't realize I was SO late you have already posted the next WOYWW post. I love the photo of you and your awesome craft room. It is a to-die-for studio space, that's for sure.

    Thanks for visiting me last week and thanks for patiently waiting for me to visit you. Happy very belated 7th WOYWW anniversary.


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