Need to be quick writing this as we have a Flood Alert.  Actually we should be above the water as we are at 2,00ft!  We have had so much rain this past month and especially last week that all the rivers in Central Texas are flooding.  Forecast is for more rain and storms.  This is a La Nina years and she is making up for the dominance of El Nino for the last 4 or 5 remember "Hell hath no fury Like a woman scorned"?  She's really pissed!  

Thursday was a real flasher with a hail stone the size of a cricket ball coming through the bathroom skylight

Damage to the den outer layer of skylight

Damage to the kitchen outer layer of skylight.
They are now taped up and new skylights on order.  

After it was over Xochitl came in to guard the bathroom from Bonkers, the red Cardinal who attacks the wall windows!

Worked on pages in journals over the weekend.  After buying a copy of Stampington's Art Journaling I had to look up two of the artists. and view their work  Carly Swenson she is a young dynamic artist very very different than the usual; and Dianne L Fargo on YouTube (PackerDi).  her videos are long but you can fast forward.  She is extremely prolific.  That's how you end up doing nothing.   have not bought this magazine in at least 2 years and very impressed at how it has new artists and less of the empty nester housewife turning her hobby to a job.

so here is my desk as I left it to write this. 

Workspace very messy. The cutter is there as I saw how efficient a way it is to work in a Dianne video.  

So there it is my week past and present.  Will post this tomorrow and check everyone out at WOYWW and see how Julie is faring.  Enjoy visiting everyone.  This week we lost signals often so if I do not reach you just blame La Nina
Off to make chili for dinner.  


  1. We've also been under flood warnings and watches for weeks. My basement flooded twice and I've been trying to get rid of the mess. We also had hail and high winds, but your skylights really took a beating. I know your situation is far worse than mine, so I hope you stay above flood level and safe and dry.

  2. Did the Guadalupe flood? The year we moved to kerrville there was a big flood.

  3. Wow,Monica, what a storm that must have been. Love the pic of your cat- gorgeous. Nice to see your desk in full flow. The magazine sounds very interesting, I shall have to see if I can find it over here. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #18 xx

  4. Was hoping the start of June would be warm. its been windy, cold & very wet here . Mad weather again this year I think . Happy woyww Jill #17

  5. Hopefully you are still dry! I for one only have a messy work desk when am crafting, so your desk indicates that you are doing beautiful works! Donna #6

  6. Good grief, that was a big hail stone - you were lucky it didn't cause more damage. Hope your child was good :-D
    Hugs, LLJ xxx

  7. Stay safe from the storms/flood. Luckily no one was hurt. That's quite a good size!

    Your desk looks wonderfully creative. Have fun with the journal.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #5

  8. Hi Monica. Thought I would try to answer your questions here.

    You asked:
    What I am asking you is about altered books. Are you using them or more "junk Journals".

    There seem to be 14 signatures in the book. I am thinking of removing from the center of the individual signatures about 4 folios. I am wanting to turn it into a journal. Will it work if I glue two pages together?

    First, I don't JOURNAL. I alter pages in books with art I cull from various places, scraps, sewn items, and occasionally words, if the spirit moves me. Having said that, it is perfectly acceptable to turn any book into a journal. I would not go more than four pages per signature, or else the integrity of the book could be compromised.

    You have several options. You can gesso individual pages (front and back), which will strengthen them, or you can glue two pages together, if you choose. If you want to paint in them, I suggest gesso, but if you chose to glue two pages together, be prepared for paint to bleed through. Even ink pads could bleed, but not as much if you have glued two pages together.

    Since this is a book for YOU, which you will not be sharing with anyone else, feel free to get as messy and sloppy as you wish in it. Adding papers, napkins, and other ephemera will keep it from ever closing, so don't expect it to. Also, it will never lay completely flat, either. It might for the first few spreads, but after that, it won't. However, I think it's a wonderful idea and a great way to use a book you would have otherwise trashed/recycled.

    Remember, though. You should not decorate the cover until the book is completely finished.

  9. Goodness, Monica. I hope you have survived the storms with no further damage to your home! You have an amazing amount of space in which to craft....
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #15

  10. I hope you kept your feet dry in the last days! WE have major rainfall and floods in Holland too last week, but thankfully not in my region. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and happy (belated) woyww. Hug from Holland, Marit #45

  11. Hi Monica. I've been thinking of all my Texas friends. We've had rain but nothing like you guys. The arial views are flat scary! I spend most of my time farther south west - Llano/ Fredricksburg area - when I come to visit. I'm betting the Llano river is out of its banks too. Be safe and thanks for sharing the links. Creative Blessings! Kelly #46


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