369 WOYWW Nothing!

Today I have piddled around, lack all inspiration and find myself wanting to watch videos.  (heard my muse is vacationing on another planet).  Yesterday, Monday, Youtube app was installed on my iPad and it worked.   Then the search was on for video of how to do all kinds of Collage, Mixed media and several other things that appear on a side bar. Before you know it you have been there 3 hours and that includes lots of fast forward when people talk too much or show too many steps.  Alas it is inspiring watching with lackluster action!

 Hubby is fasting as he is completing an 8 hour endoscopic test counting down.  Two hours before I drive him back to the clinic where they remove it. 

Saw Julie's post and was thrilled to hear how well her recovery is going.  She is so strong and a perfect role model for "coping" with humor how ever rough the scenario.   Now if you are new to my blog then here is the reason for this post "WO"WOYWW"  

Here is my work area the site of preparation and no action.
My main work areas are covered with bits from making this weeks journals and a completed journal cover for the July/August Documented Life project.  Not sure about the white background.

To the left of this table is the area where I have been sorting collage material.  One of my YouTube discoveries, by way of Art Journaling, Summer issue is PackerDi, her collage is great. She has a great video on organizing collage word collections. 

This is the computer desk are  where I try to sit and write. 

This is the sewing area.  Mostly repairs, sewing buttons on and stitching down on paper action here.  The serger needs fixing.

here is the paint area, well organized with photo paper and cardstock in labeled binders bottom shelf.  

So that is it for this the last wednesday in June.  
Time is speeding up as I speed down.


  1. Love seeing all your work areas--hope all goes well with

  2. Thank you so much, your kind words are lovely. Hope Chris' test went well, sounds horrid! May just be a reason for you not having the muse within, these things always tip your equilibrium. Also, it mist be quite a job keeping all those lovely areas together and looking so inspirtional for the rest of us!!

  3. That first desk reminds me of the desks we had in artclass back in the days of school. Brings back memories. I love how you divided your space in different workstations, it looks well organised.

  4. Great storage space, the key to a good crafting area. donna #9

  5. Love PackerDi videos. I'll have to look up her sorting one. Shannon Green is another good one. Thanks for sharing your various 'stations'. Nice to know we are all in such good company with so many interests. Hope Chris' test went well and all is clear. Creative Blessings! Kelly #32


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