Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Hello everyone, following when possible but forgetting day until too late. If you are new to WOYWW check here

It is a long time since I posted here.  A busy summer that included a trip to Chicago, (it was unbelievably hot like 95, add heat from all the roads and concrete.  Awful).  A class with Roxanne incredible, possible the best teacher in years and catching up.  

Every time we make a trip I do a travel Journal and never manage to work on it on the road.  This time I made the effort, time and space to play and i just nibbled at working in them.   Today travel Journal finished DLP uptodate and class work complete.  it is a different sort of travel book as the trip was to attend a party.  My longtime friend John Jones died on memorial day after a prolonged illness.  He requested that his wife throw a party rather than a funeral.  135 came and party we did.  The wine flowed, the Tapas were yummy (it was held at Spanish restaurant) and we mingled and remembered happy times. The Celebration including a ceremony by the marines.  3 very fit young men in marine full dress, one played taps, it was so beautiful that there was not a dry eye; that was the only expression of sadness.  Everyone participated with stories of his generosity of spirit and fun times shared.  it was sensational. 

We stayed on for 4 more days and arriving  home August1. 
 here is my workspace.

On the left you see the Smash book I used for Chicago; to the right my DLJ and above that the journal with my completed spread for the Roxanne class. I don't feel like tidying up today.  I want to try to do 3 more spreads in the manner of the class.  Here is a close up of this spread where you selected a favorite lyric and painted a layed image to represent what you felt.  have a long way to go to get the fell for the technique.

the cats came with it and have decided that they do not like being above the birds! This is MS Kitty and Xochitl  On the Road.

We walked to navy Pier from the condo and this is  view from a bridge over the river.

The heat finally broke with great crashes and flashes.
view from 28th floor

So I do have to clear up some to find some lost items and all the cut bits floating around. 

After a July of high 90sF (32.22C) and up to 104F, 40C,  the weather broke here on Saturday.  Daytime rain and temp is in mid 70s about 23.89C ; the prediction is that we will be back in the mid 90s come Friday.
have a great wednesday visiting creative people around the globe and find some great new ideas.