The weeks are flying and I am slowing D.....O.... W......N! 
After Labor Day's clean out of my closet i turned to organizing my meal plans so I can spend less time grocery shopping and more time in my Studio.  Today, Tuesday, I gave the last of my homemade and Art to wear clothes to a friend for her to give to a friend who creates and recycles from castoffs.  So feeling good about that and happy about my closet.  My not so recent purchases and sorted then castoffs, no fits and why did I buy this went to the thrift at the animal orphanage.  
Spent lots of time over past month working on spreads for the class Lyrical by Bun.  So very different than the usual journal or background class and for me a challenge.  Now playing catchup with other journals and contemplating joining Wanderlust 2017.  
So back to WOYWW 380 and what's on my mess desk.

Just paints used for DLJ and a spread for Lyrical.  My Dylusions paints have almost all dried up.  Fabulous colors and finish but just never worked.  Ranger did replace but they remain a problem so it is back to Walmart 

 I was abandoned by my helper

Ms Kitty said she receives better strokes here.

Celebrating?????? well just another fabulous day in Kerrville where the skies are a perfect blue and the temp in the evening stays at a comfortable 80F.  

So have fun creating   ( another for Lyrical)

eating and drinking 

So tomorrow wednesday once I post it is off to visit your desks, which I do visit even when I do not post.  Love seeing the range of creativity and your lives.


  1. I store a lot of my paints upside down to stop letting in extra air in helps keep them a little longer shame they are drying out quickly hugs Nikki

  2. What a shame about the paints, I think Humidity is never a problem we will have here in the UK, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #9 xxx

  3. I am sooooo glad I haven't made those Dylusions paints purchases! I have read so many negative reviews on them! Love Dyan, but I will just stick with her sprays and other paints! As far as your helper.....good help is hard to find!!! LOLOL Mine are only around if there is something in it for them! LOL Cheers to you! Felicia #42

  4. Happy WOYWW. I would suggest Googling to see if there is anything you can do to revive the paints. Nikki's suggestion to store upside down is something I will try, as I have got lots of new paints. Ali x #31

  5. That's a great looking glass of wine there.. fun read. TFS. Happy WOYWW. Elaine no. 20

  6. I have heard of people putting paints inside of ziplock baggies when not in use because of that. in my space I have a problem with the pots of Inka gold turning into bricks. but, I have not tried the dylusions paints. Thanks for the earlier visit, I had to chuckle that your helper knows where the good minions park. :) ~Stacy #43

  7. Thanks for stopping in to see me, Monica!


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