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Just look at my desk !

Backgrounds for 2 journals, paints and supplies in use.  Then below is the other journal I work on, DLJ 2017 now in binder 5,or September,  October ready for weekly inserts.

Shown below;  every week has a prompt for Pocket Art Cards (ATCs) not in pockets, the week shown here prompt was" hide something under your ART".  I was hiding the surface of the card which was a NASCAR trading card of Jimmy Johns.

I am posting images from mobile camera and they were not edited, on some you will need to bend neck to the right!

Below is another non edited page showing weekly calendar in accordion fold style pull out  each week i try different styles for this feature.  DLJ is a fun weekly activity that i really enjoy.  It is a closed group on Facebook and not sure if they plan to do it another year.

So this is what i spend my week making.  Other activity is cooking.  here take an oatmeal  chocolate chip, coconut ,almond cookie  emmmm good!
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