Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Nine more weeks to 400 WOYWW! 
Well back from Galveston and trying my best to catch up on things.  The next two weeks are busy.  That means i cannot spend all my time in my studio and both Chris and I will be out a lot.  This means my un-routine will be an un-un-routine and I will have to look CAREFULLY at my calendar so I know what day it is and where I should be.

Galveston was fabulous.  we were joined by our friends Kate and Dennis this year. 

the decor in the poolside bar was obviously designed with my colors in mind! Note I did not go swimming but I sampled the goods at the bar and the pool was not full of people who looked like the people in the ads for the San Luis!

They were just finishing planting as we arrived it was a cacophony of color.  The entry hall was all decked out with Christmas figures and nodding deer, also overrun by rug rats!

This is a very small part of the buffet taken after a few glasses of wine and my first 3 courses.   this chef was slicing up duck served with a fruity sauce.  I started with salad moved on to seafood, then onto beef and some veggies.  no photos as this area was always crowded.

This is the dessert buffet. 

This is my desserts a sample of the chocolate goodies

Now isn't that yummy looking.  It tasted incredible, not too sweet and different types of chocolate in all 3 and to the left is a meringue topped lemon curd filling in a chocolate shell....... mmmmmm delish!!!!

we were seated in the garden room where they put the smaller groups.  Jazz was live with piano and bass.  All very pleasant.

we left on friday and returned to out home and cats/  Kate gave us a dozen meyer lemons from her tree and a box of her home made lemon bars.  On Saturday we made the first of two batches of lemon marmalade.  

So now to catch up with my journals.

Have a great time and tomorrow later in the day i will be checking everyone out when I link into Julie and What's On Your Workspace Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


hello all to all of my fellow hobbyists wherever in the world you are posting.

My blog is written on Tuesday as tomorrow we leave to spend Thanksgiving in Galveston, with friends Kate and Dennis, at the San Lois Resort.  Today is overcast so later I will attempt to get a photo of my desk where there are WIP.  The Documented Life Project (DLP) will end this year so I am searching for a new journaling group to work along with in 2017 on a daily basis.  Earlier I joined Wanderlust a group with a monthly challenge and guest artists to add dimension to my  skills and interests beyond journaling.  So far for journaling considering, My Life of Self Expression with Gina Ahrens et al( each has a facebook location all a little with a slightly different style.  It a little confusing as they post to  each others' facebook page and so you get each post at least 4 times.  Several other journal groups were looked at but were too structured.  DLP is very professional, so I am spoilt,  by professional I mean they have a blog site and post to it weekly

My workspace 

Computer desk.  A friend cut out all the kitties for me on a computer.

   I am finding many women on youtube do excellent work but their videos are excessively long and unedited.  Many people make lengthy videos  filled with the "emmhs" and "ahs" and background interruptions and probably lack the skills and equipment for editing.  This means very long videos, happily I am quite adept at fast forward on video!
well it is time to cook supper.  A busy day with dental appointment and taking cats for a nail cut.  They were sweethearts.  The vet's cat has taken a fancy to Chris's knee!

So Happy Thanksgiving, and for all you not in the US have a great week. (Hi Julie,  if you want to join in turkey day just stuff yourselves with turkey,scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, dressing, and pies.  Note: I will be at a buffet)

So excited found how to schedule publishing this post.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


HELP What do you all use to motivate yourselves to clean up your desk?  I have been trying for 2 weeks and I am just NOT motivated.  Nothing is lost, like scissors or special pens that usually spurs on a tidy.  At the weekend I  sorted out and donated unwanted ATCs and swap postcards that were 5 or more years old.  This was a cat induced activity as she wanted the box to sleep in.
 So here is the low down,  My problem comes from all those bloggers, classes, teachers etc who say never throw anything away.    Friends, acquaintances and visitors....NEVER listen to this advice. Unless you have an organizing system for scraps that has categories for color, shape, size, type, etc etc etc.  You will never find that one inch blue scrap of paper with a great floral design when you want it.  Only after you have glued, stitched or both  from a handy large piece will that scraps location be revealed.  AND now you have added to the scraps!
My workspaces this week as of Tuesday 10.03 am CST!

With these few remarks I will return to desks and workspaces to attempt..... clean up.  If, last weekend with hubby away, had I resisted the lure of Acorn TV and the wonderful BBC series like brief Encounters and Lilies this task would be complete.
So have fun visiting everyone this week.  memo to self  post this wednesday.

Tried to post at 1am but you were mot to be seen.