HELP What do you all use to motivate yourselves to clean up your desk?  I have been trying for 2 weeks and I am just NOT motivated.  Nothing is lost, like scissors or special pens that usually spurs on a tidy.  At the weekend I  sorted out and donated unwanted ATCs and swap postcards that were 5 or more years old.  This was a cat induced activity as she wanted the box to sleep in.
 So here is the low down,  My problem comes from all those bloggers, classes, teachers etc who say never throw anything away.    Friends, acquaintances and visitors....NEVER listen to this advice. Unless you have an organizing system for scraps that has categories for color, shape, size, type, etc etc etc.  You will never find that one inch blue scrap of paper with a great floral design when you want it.  Only after you have glued, stitched or both  from a handy large piece will that scraps location be revealed.  AND now you have added to the scraps!
My workspaces this week as of Tuesday 10.03 am CST!

With these few remarks I will return to desks and workspaces to attempt..... clean up.  If, last weekend with hubby away, had I resisted the lure of Acorn TV and the wonderful BBC series like brief Encounters and Lilies this task would be complete.
So have fun visiting everyone this week.  memo to self  post this wednesday.

Tried to post at 1am but you were mot to be seen.


  1. OMGosh, you had me laughing and bobbing my head up and down in agreement. I CAN NOT keep every scrap of paper....it is physically impossible to store it all. I THROW AWAY WHAT I'M NOT GOING TO USE, AND IF I KEEP IT I WON'T BE ABLE TO FIND IT WHEN I WANT IT.......LOL!

  2. Hi Monica, I know exactly what you mean. I never have a scrap quite the right size or colour, so end up making more. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #8 xx

  3. I'm not a good one to ask that question - mine doesn't get clean until the stuff in piles starts sliding to the floor! If you stop by my blog you will see the one spot on my desk that is actually clean - only because I really needed to use it! Oh - and having a TV in my stamp room helps, I just watch TV while cleaning up. Thanks for sharing! Lindart #47

  4. You are soooooooooooo right about those snippets too!!! Thanks for your visit - best of luck with those results.

    Happy WOYWW

    No. 35

  5. I only get motivated to clean up my desk when I don't have the space to work and start feeling closed in. I have a box of scraps but it never seems to shrink. Ug.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #39

  6. Teehee! The only way I motivate to clean is knowing my 11 month old Labrador retriever puppy will destroy anything within his reach. So I keep stuff out of his reach. Good luck getting it done. :) Have a great week! ~Heather~ WOYWW #51

  7. My desk is a constant state of mess, so know what you mean Monica!!!!
    .... I am always going to tidy it up properly and just end up cleaning it enough to work on!!!

    ...... and then it ends up like it is now, a dereliction derby, cos just finished a card, so no space clear, just piles .... of embossing folders, dies, stamps scraps of papers scissors tape, etc etc. but a card is made!!! :) do have my snippets sorted though and it does help.

    Happy belated WOYWW! Thanks for sharing,
    Shaz in Oz.x #1

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  8. I know the problem of going to my stash to find that one particular piece that I once cut out... and ending up with clipping pieces from a larger sheet (that becomes a 'cut out' in my stash after that, and so it starts all over again...) I don't have a solution though, I guess it's the crafter's curse ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog, happy (belated) woyww & big hug from Holland. Marit #15

  9. I am currently stamping sentiments on my scraps to die cut them like a mad woman so, I kinda had to laugh. ( and cleaning up my desk is probably the only thing I really like to "clean" because, I end up playing with my toys as I go along) ~Stacy #50

  10. Good advice! I do have a box or large red oaktag artist portfolio wherein I keep my things...until it overflows and becomes sort out/toss out time. This works pretty well most of the time. The last big studio purge made the artists who scope out thrift stores very happy, as I did me back in stay at home mom days. Just paying it back and forward. It's much easier to access and find what I do use. Though every once in a while, there's a discovery and a "why did I put that there?!" xoxo

  11. Happy Belated WOYWW. I used to keep so much, but have got really good at chucking things into the bin (and I bought myself new bins for my craft room, so I could separate paper/card from non-recyclable). I do keep larger scraps of coloured/patterns, but white/cream goes in the bin (I already have a large box of those that I rarely use). I am currently going through yet another big declutter (of the whole house) and have sold/donated/thrown out a lot. I also do a monthly 'Clear the Decks' - where I tidy my desks around where I am working on the computer and concentrate on making sure that my computer desktop is also clear/organised. Ali x #12

  12. I feel your pain. As far as patterned card stock I have no answer. But for solid I sort in to ROYGBIV. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. I have a set of drawers and each one holds one color. So in the top drawer I have red, second drawer orange, next drawer yellow, etc. I go there first when I need a color. I only keep small pieces of white for tags. And I also have a drawer with neutral. A friend of mine tried it and it worked for her too.
    April #36


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