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Last week flew by in a haze of WiFi interruptions and all kind of problems as are system resisted the new.  Now after sending it to bed it is no longer naughty and hopeful this morning saw the last of the men in big heavy boots tramping through the house.  

Signed up for Wanderlust 2018.  It is one of the best offerings I could find and I like the Brit touch.  Their new platform should make everything easier.
One of the activities they had was a year long collage and final prompt was to cut it up.  here is mine,  it was a mess and I joyfully 

cut it up with a my big shot dye cutter to this and place it on a new background.  Like it much better.  Think it has something to do with quote about  "nothing cut in stone"!

Other than this I am trying to tidy and reorganize my studio since donating my serger.  this calls for moving all the stuff on shelves and thinking what is easier to reach with the ladder and is a rarely used item.  Also making way for 201…


ah ha! It is 4pm Tuesday and I just realized that means I need to write a post and post a photo of my workspace . (I like workspace as one word MR. Google).  He has underline it in red again.I have won by adding workspace to MY dictionary.  
Today hubby and I went shopping at Costco (a mega warehouse store).  It is always horrendous shopping with him as he acts like he is in a marathon and has to collect ONLY the things on the list and if we stay in the store too long we will be zapped up by aliens.
Here is my desk today

This week has not left me much time in my room working on things I enjoy.  There seem to have been a million things not quite working in my corner of Empire Google.  Lots of time was spent on resolving this and now I understand Google Slides/Presentation or do I?  
I signed up for Kelly Kilmer "An Artist's Study" starting Jan. 1  .  She is a super teacher. SO excited.  Also plan to continue with Life Documented, a super group of women with fun ideas.   …

Week 442 WOYWW

Hello everyone.   When I set out to write this early this morning I used my mobile and found I can post photos directly to Blogger.  This worked except it wiped out my already done text .  Who knows what alien is now earnestly looking for my photos in a tiny art studio on planet Whatsit  
 This is Thanksgiving week and Thursday is a holiday in the USA., celebrated by over eating and big family get-together. Will tell you next week what we plan to do. 
 Here in my studio facing the south end where the red packages and box are photo papers from Canon who send boxes of them every time I order ink.  

This is my work space  from the north end with Wanderlust materials ready to be put away.  Continue to debate whether I want to take Wanderlust 2018 or find something else, 
This is another view of my work space with the cards I just covered with gesso.  They are Jimmy Johnson fan cards perfect size for ATCs (he is a NASCAR Driver).  They are shiny plastic so I used Dick Blick white gesso as…


Today I changed my blog background with Google  template.  After a week of posting stuff to my groups and working on journaling ideas for next year, and following hours of research decided Bullet Journaling is not for this retiree.  WOW. Stop and smell the roses is not in a bullet journalists life. they plan every minute, hour and second.  The joys of retirement, no schedule.  I like to know when and what I am doing outside of my studio but not in it.  
When I finally cleared up my desk last Thursday I started a new project.  It was so much fun, I forgot to photo it, and WHOOPS desk was a mess.  I write about this because my childhood was governed by my mother's insistence that nothing is left out ever, even when you stop for lunch.  It was an endless round of putting away and taking out.  Since setting out into the wide world of independence, my rebellion has been in full swing.  Now it is a lifestyle.  This line of thought came after watching you tubes of artists who have to st…

440 week on WOYWW

hello everyone,  hope today finds you creative and energetic.  Last weekend my DH went to NASCAR in Dallas and I had two nights on the town with girl friends.  No photos too busy sipping wine, eating yummy food and gossiping  discussing current affairs.  Cats were devastated that we abandoned their routine.
we have been abandoned

New computer is outrunning me and I have had problems with iPad and my Android.  Hope today I fixed it.  At least I have a handle on Google docs and importing old files.
This week was my turn to post a how to on Life Documented and it was due the week after my computer crashed.  Had to rewrite it and use husband's computer.  That was tough.  I managed.  Here is the project after working on it for a few weeks.   is a monthly divider for my art journal, November, and used black gesso for the first time and as the technique. Black gesso was was an impulse buy and it has one true property that is useful.  The black is black,  great page cover.  Most black ac…


Cannot sleep due to medication and wine fighting within my body.  2 weeks ago my computer crashed and was replace with a Dell laptop 7 days later.  Apparently it did not come on a slow boat from India but I think by stage coach.  Then the fun of setting it up, battling those high tech words with low expletives.  Tuesday evening Larry and Carol Brouwer, friends and neighbors, came for dinner, and to fix my blunders.   Larry even rescued all my files from my hard drive.  Carole got my printer to work.
Over the last 2 weeks we have had  many problems and solutions to find for our lives.  Managed a little art work. My work space at 1.34 am CT

What you see is all the stuff dumped as i cleared a space for Larry and Carole to both work at the new and old.  This shot was the first ever taken at night and looking north.  
OK that is me will try to visit everyone later, much later today.

week 346 WOYWW

Do you ever have "Buyers Remorse"?   I do when finding something that makes me really excited and ideas flood my brain.  This behaviour is fortified by reading blogs, watching Youtube and a 40% off coupon from Michaels.   This happened about 4 months ago when at Michaels and not finding what I was in the store to buy.  So a tub of black gesso (BG) was soon on the seat next to me going home, and fantasies made the journey home, oh so sweet.  Fast forward to a Saturday clean out to try and find silicon brushes (a Wanderlust remorse buy) and there smiling at me was BG.  A quick search over a long drawn out day through Pinterest (is that ever a fast anything) revealed some wonderful art journal pages that used BG.  My moment had come.   Today after lunch, the plunge   was taken.  Like many thing that interest you on Pinterest, it is rare to find a "How to"  After a self discussion,  several mixed media sheet were completed on both sides, 5 tags  and two pages in 2 jou…

WOYWW week 345 10-3-2017

I am rather stunned to find it is time for WOYWW. Where has this week gone to and what have I accomplished.    Nothing except to spend two days immersed in Crazy Rich, Asians by Kevin Kwan and to have started Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, this is her second book and i read and enjoyed the first.  As a result, it is making me aware of how little I know about Asia, especially Korean history, and immigration. For light  reading Kwan is good for satire and gossip.   Not that my desk is cleaned off and tidy.  It does rather  bear witness to my creative block.
 Above you see Xochitl's pink cushion on the chair that is her current demolition project.
This week in wanderlust it was Lorraine bell and she was pushing "draw/sketch every day.  it is really an admonition to practise, every day.  This is something that I have legions of sketch books that can testify that I only last a few days at this.  Then some friends posted bout inktober 2017.  Drawing with ink.  It appeared to be fun from …

WOYWW, 434 9-27- 2017

Hello everyone.  It is tuesday evening and once again I am rushing as dinner is cooking.  Late because once again trying to move photos from Google to Facebook is a problem. You would think one of them would have a means to upload download or just link it up.

My desk today.  I really have done nothing but throw out or store.  A blank desk or workspace makes me uneasy.  As you will note Xochitl is curled up in a basket that i store my Gelli images and other background material.  No- way am I disturbing her.  She has been mad all day because it is raining.

My week was quite productive.  this is one page for Life Documented where the prompt was what makes you happy.  I fold a sheet of cardstock unevenly so that I can punch holes for this months binder.  I added a pocket book

That is a tg with photo of my husband ontag in pocket, pull it down

her is a photo I cobbled together from 4 separate photos of friends Those friends that are fun. On the left is MS Kitty on her return from the vets.…


Just decided I better write this as it is Tuesday and tomorrow I am tied up until late at night.  Last Thursday my otolaryngologist (isn't that a fabulous word) Said my daily fatigue, brain fog and not sleeping are not symptoms of Meniere's disease  but of something else like migraine that is now thought to have some connection with allergies, specifically mold, not that I have migraine just I share symptoms with some of Menieres rotten friends.  So now I am just like a cheese Moldy as that is one of the allergies that causes these symptoms.  A drug was prescribed along with Vit B 2.  Nothing has changed although the first night on the drug I slept all night.  This was possible because Xochitl did not come up on the bed and snuggle up to me as i has not had that effect since then.   Ms Kitty sleeps on daddy's feet all night she says"I am the purrfect pussycat." 

Here is my workspace today .  I made a journal page in the style of Roben-Marie Smith.  I also comple…


Not a good week due to bouts of fatigue one of Menieres Disease little friends.  This month has always been bad for this disease but I have been relatively free of symptoms for several years.  So this year on Labor Day it paid me a VERY brief visit with a few seconds of vertigo( it was probably nystagmus....Google that!).  Scary but the fatigue is what ruins my arts and craft life.  Inspiration flies out the window.  My "go to" medication is the reinstalling of an afternoon cuppa of PG Tips and 2 Hershey Layer bars, a lay down with Ipad and a hour of videos or TV.  Now to real life.

I completed my Travel Journal, managing to not get tense and just to do it. Happy with it .
Last week I completed the Tag Challenge with roben -Marie Smith on FB.  I love doing this "nonsense" stuff.  It is so much fin and fits me.  WOW that realization was 3/4 of a century in coming.  below are all the tags.  She makes it very interesting.

This is the final "Tag in a bag" day…


Vacation is over finally home and trying to get into my usual  comfortable RUT. Whenever possible  I read  your blogs.  It just amazed me how often there is no Wi FI or signal.  So here I am.  catching up with Wanderlust and   "Playing Tag Art Challenge" with Roben-Marie Smith, a task I expected to complete in a couple of hours; it is now 5 hours later and completion is days down the road

This week in Wanderlust the guest artist was Azoline , a fine french artist who is very organized, careful, tidy and conservative.  Everything I am completely NOT.  Her class, video and pdf were detailed and easy to follow.  So below is what I made.  She uses Yupo paper and alcohol inks, I did not have Yupo so used Rangers glossy paper for alcohol inks.  really like how it turned out and plan to at least use up the alcohol inks.  problem is that they are sold in sets of 3, and for me, who loves brights it means 2 drabs for every bright.  

This is my work space.  
This is my computer desk whe…

WOYWW 424 OR IS IT 423 OR......

Good day everyone.   now lets see if my blog can post photos.
My desk earlier, now a mess as I made another background.   over the last weekend My focus switched to trying to understand Google or as I like to call it "Empire Google".  After all they do seem to manage everything.  Facebook has become too political.  All the hate spouting out from everyone on opposing political sides that I want more control to read and visit with people "of interest" or more correctly my interests.  Thus began my attempt to understand Drive, Photos and Google+.  The latter is the one I have not fully found how to use.  But thanks Sarah for your help.
The photos on my desk are from my husband's 80th birthday party, a very noisy robust evening.  He refused to count the wine bottle that went into the garbage!  I want to make him a birthday book and had everyone sign it with good wishes .  These are the only photos I have as everyone was too busy talking laughing and socializing.  …