399 WOYWW.....

Today is Tuesday and i thought I would set up to look in on everyone tomorrow.  My right hand is painful as the old carpal tunnel surgical site are was stretched on Sunday when I cut out all kinds of bits and piece and made a thank you car.  My friend Deanie gave me a wonderful Cookbook by Jacques Pepin my favorite chef.  No photos of that but here is my desk.


Saturday worked on Wanderlust 2017 with guest artist Wilna Furstenberg.  She used acrylic ink, something I did not have.  My first attempt was in a large 9x12 journal and then  in my tiny hand made journal.  (see below)  Not quite what I expected though the style holds possibilities and the ink has great properties.  It will be a great medium for journaling and Wilna's style will have many uses.  ( Oh yes, a medical visit today in San Antonio meant I could visit Michaels and the 40% coupon on mobile lept into my hands when i saw the inkset). So next month my daily journal will feature inks.......hopefully not a blotches and drops result.

Here is a little from my last daily art journaling,  have some catching up to do.

yes i am falling behind.

reading all your posts has effected me as now back to drinking tea most afternoons.  MY HEB, grocery store, sells PG Tips!

Yesterday my hand hurt so much that I took a nap under the vigilant eyes of Xochitl(the upside down one) and Ms Kitty.  I crawled out and took this photo.  

Today it was bight sunny and 82F  what a crazy winter so far.

That 's it from me see, you all around the workspace.


  1. Hey Hun, fellow wanderer, if you have acrylic paints you can buy flow improver and work the paint down to an ink consistency, it's a thought is you want to use other colours. I was surprised Wilna didn't explain that on the video...love what you have done on your page - I will have to try to find you in the class gallery...

  2. Hi Monica, happy WOYWW! Hope your hand eases up for you. Crafty hugs Sez x #24

  3. your wanderlust work is looking good! I haven't done any of the lessons yet; just watched the videos! Helen #1

  4. Your desk looks busy and creative! Sorry to hear about your hand, how painful, isn't nice to have two cuddly cats to cuddle up to at such times though! Hope you feel better soon. Happy WOYWW! Anne #7

  5. I do hope your hand is feeling better soon!! Your daily art journaling looks great - I like seeing all the bits & pieces & info there!

  6. Jealous it's so warm! Sorry about your hand. Love your daily journal - looks fun.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #34

  7. Happy WOYWW! LOve all the journaling..I can't imagine doing that with such pain! I laughed when I read your comments on mine, as I went to Michael's today and picked up the 3 ink basic set as well as 3 other colors, as they were 30%off. I can't wait to play with them. Oh, and some better brushes (hey, it can't hurt! LOL!) Have a great week. See you on WL (I'm trying to build a friends list of WOYWWers on WL to be easier to share & chat)
    -K #36

  8. Oh your kitty friends are so charming. I am sure with their help your hand will be well healed soon. Your art journal is very cheerful & what a great place to store all those brilliant ideas. ... Mary-Lou #33

  9. Hope your hand is improves quickly. Love the pic of the kitties.
    sandra de @22

  10. Hope your hand gets better soon. Have lots of fun with the inks and your lessons. Thx for your visit, Vicky

  11. It really has been a crazy winter, even here in Canada. We don't go up to 82 degrees, but 5 degrees above 0 (Celcius) is considered a heat wave! Today we are supposed to get snow squalls - but maybe not! Your journals look great, and those kitties! So cute and fluffy! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #46


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