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403 W0YWW Oh Wow is Me!!

Since Friday i have worked on and off on this week lesson on Wanderlust 2017 Everything Art.  The teacher this week is Clair Bremner an Australian artist, beautiful dreamy art.  Alas my attempts at this are laughable.  Well at least I laughed.  She  made it all seem so easy.  As if to cast judgement, my mobile is not syncing my photos!!!!  Not only that i cannot console myself with a Cadbury egg.  They were dropped into the freezer so that they would NOT be eaten least that is working!
Ah blogger sync to camera success.  The first photo is my desk showing weekly art journal, and  three of the pages in various art pads of a class.   

This is one where i used leftover paint on a page with pink leftover paint from a previous failed  project. I edited these prints but this is not hence legs!

this is an attempt at abstract expression.  Lots of expression not much abstract.

Think it is time to make dinner. Cooking is a place where i have success.  last week I found some v…

402 WOYWW........A MESS

life goes no, one does not change as my desk reflects.

 This week was remarkable only in that I had problems with translating ideas from head to paper.  Every Friday i am inspired by Wanderlust and this week I created nothing.  messed around and produced backgrounds or bits for future inspired ideas. Contrary to the popular myth white pages do not cause a blank mind.

Turning my attention to my calendar journals they turned out to be splotchy pages this week.  My fun times(wine pickup parties) and cooking were better.  I am making dinners to freeze for a forthcoming RV trip.  So far made one.  Tonight making lamb chops and Molten lava cakes for 2.

On my desk  This is the mini book that is a valentine card for hubby.

This is my journal page for this weeks calendar

Here is the other side of my tip in using up all the bits left on my desk
so that is me and just off my desk.  how different from my last post when it was bright and sunny.  Today is cloudy and a cold wind has even the cats in…

401 WOYWW Another hot day

Today is Tuesday at 11.08 am it is 74 F now the fog has lifted.   My desk remains a mess as i am always buried beneath half done pages for journals.  Today I finished a thank you card and a sympathy note.  I need card making classes as I find the precision of card making out of my comfort zone.   No matter what i do I get a blot of ink, a wrong spelling or something on the card.  The thank you card was different as it was for a fun friend.  Roxanne Coble(Bun) made a mini accordion book on the "make it artsy" TV show. Using her idea of and accordion book  in a match book cover, the card was completed  yesterday and finished today.  (currently being harassed by cat wanting treat).
here is is

The top is an Orbit gum box altered for the book and below is the book secured with a clip.

this process is something that calls me.  Check out her video.  
This is me on Sunday at Kuehlman Cellars wine pickup.   Not a Selfie expert!

This is the week before when we went with neighbors to …