403 W0YWW Oh Wow is Me!!

Since Friday i have worked on and off on this week lesson on Wanderlust 2017 Everything Art.  The teacher this week is Clair Bremner an Australian artist, beautiful dreamy art.  Alas my attempts at this are laughable.  Well at least I laughed.  She  made it all seem so easy.  As if to cast judgement, my mobile is not syncing my photos!!!!  Not only that i cannot console myself with a Cadbury egg.  They were dropped into the freezer so that they would NOT be eaten immediately....at least that is working!

Ah blogger sync to camera success.  The first photo is my desk showing weekly art journal, and  three of the pages in various art pads of a class.   

This is one where i used leftover paint on a page with pink leftover paint from a previous failed  project. I edited these prints but this is not hence legs!

this is an attempt at abstract expression.  Lots of expression not much abstract.

Think it is time to make dinner. Cooking is a place where i have success.  last week I found some very dried plums(prunes) and dried apricot in my baking supplies.  After marinating them in OJ and brandy they revived.  They were we chopped and blended in the food processor and after adding chopped walnuts they were made into giant turnovers.  They turned out very like mince meat and tasted fabulous with vanilla cream and ice cream.  I might try them with raisins, crasins and sultanas some other time.  

Hopefully tomorrow morning I remember to link to Ms Julie's site and get to visit you all before my "Girl's Night Out".  Some of the keys on my PC are not working so I have a lot of spell check to do.


  1. Monica-love that fuschia pink background and the green!!

  2. Hi Monica. You've certainly been busy keeping up with the wanderlust programme. Well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #6

  3. Really like the blue page - really nice colours. LOL at the Cadbury eggs. Don't think I could hold off that long.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #31

  4. There is nothing better than getting a great mop up page out of other work. Looks great. Happy belated WOYWW Sarah #23

  5. Hi Monica- I love your solution to eating too many creme eggs! Genius. As for the journal pages, you are having a go, and will make something of them as time goes on. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XxX

  6. I like your attempt at abstract expression - the colours are great, and I love how the leaves are peeking out! I often slap any extra paint I might have in the middle of my journal, and smoosh it all about - when I come to that page it is a nice (usually!) surprise! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #37

  7. Hi Monica,
    Your dessert sounds wonderful and I just finished eating lunch! I noticed you are from Kerrville. I hear it's beautiful there - nice hills and a nice downtown area with antique shops and galleries.

    I wouldn't say those pages are failures by any means - they are works in progress as I'm sure you'll do something wonderful with them!

    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (35)

  8. I love your pages with their gorgeous colours - very expressive it seems to me! Your cooking efforts sound quite delicious - I love anything made with dried fruit, and you got my mouth watering. Until I'm off the low residue diet, such things are forbidden to me for now! Thank you for your lovely comment and kind thoughts - I am progressing slowly and enjoying being pampered by my lovely hubby and kitties. It's very good to be home.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #34

  9. I think your pages are very abstract and that you are being too hard on yourself. It is frustrating when tech doesn't want to do what you need it to though and the turnovers sound fabulous.


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