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woyww 407 March 21

Hello everyone this is my post for this week What's On Your Workspace Wednesday.  An opportunity to visit creative people from around the world 
This morning saw me at the dentist having a cap removed as I had on and off pain in this tooth.  It was always in off mode when I visited the dentist.  Finally I gave an appropriate ouch.  It never showed on his X rays even though he is very state of the art.  he now thinks it is precipitated by my sinus and infections and allergies.  All the little nasties working together.  It is now hurting.  For the moment resorting to the English cure, a cup of tea.
 Today started on an intuitive painting based on week 11 Wanderlust Class with Alena Hennessy.  Really enjoying this year long project and especially Kasia Avery's classes;  there is not much communication between the participants like in Facebook classes, but they keep us very busy.  This Saturday Kasia is doing a live class on Facebook.   
 Finally catching up with all my journalin…


Home from a trip to Florida to visit my dear friend Sandra who I grew up with, in Warrington; definitely another time and place.  There actually is a place in Florida called Warrington!  We drove in the RV with the two cats.  In Florida it was sunny and on the way home began raining in Alabama and all the way home.   today i am trying to find out where I am with all my journals and such.  I kept a travel journal that is incomplete and I have to work on it for the next few days.
The cats love to sit in front of the screen door when ever we stop.  Xochitl opened the screen door at Markham campground in (Broward County FL) and Ms kitty leaped out.  She returned after  frantic attempts to lure her in, we were camped near a canal, home to alligators.    Looking in.  I covered the couch with a sheet it sure kept fur down and was a wonderful tent!
Looking out! "Are we home yet"

With Sandra in Ft Lauderdale  So  now I have a problem with blogger it is stuck.  Will try to visit ever…