woyww 407 March 21

Hello everyone this is my post for this week What's On Your Workspace Wednesday.  An opportunity to visit creative people from around the world 

This morning saw me at the dentist having a cap removed as I had on and off pain in this tooth.  It was always in off mode when I visited the dentist.  Finally I gave an appropriate ouch.  It never showed on his X rays even though he is very state of the art.  he now thinks it is precipitated by my sinus and infections and allergies.  All the little nasties working together.  It is now hurting.  For the moment resorting to the English cure, a cup of tea.

 Today started on an intuitive painting based on week 11 Wanderlust Class with Alena Hennessy.  Really enjoying this year long project and especially Kasia Avery's classes;  there is not much communication between the participants like in Facebook classes, but they keep us very busy.  This Saturday Kasia is doing a live class on Facebook.   

 Finally catching up with all my journaling in Life Documented and My Year 2017.  they are fun.  

This week I leaned to resize pixels so it may show up in these images not as intense but so much easier to post. I have absolutely no need for anything more than 800 x 600 pixels.  If I want to print something then maybe but since that has never happened in years........

This is from Wanderlust on layering

This is my journal art page  "secret garden" for Life Documented

now opening the gate

Since I am cleaning up(this was a necessity as a journal was lost) I stood on ladders for this shot.  As a short person ladders are part of my decor!  The back to School Journal was the lost one.  It was on the shelf where it should but between larger journals.

This shot is from standing on my window seat ( a junk accumulator) over my computer area and showing my new orange chair as Xochitl has remodel both the others.  yes I have been very busy and feel very positive about my clean up and production!

Well everyone, this is my week.  The time change here has left me "time confused".  I am making enchiladas tonight and need to start.
happy visiting.  My plan is to post in morning and visit in the afternoon.


  1. I look forward to seeing what you make from Alena Henneseys class. I like your layered pages you did

  2. Oh, I like the layering page very much! I always stand on my chair to take my desk-photo, I'm kinda short too *lol* I hope your tooth isn't hurting anymore... pain in the mouth is an awful pain to have (I have 'parodontitus' so I know...) We change to Daylight saving time next weekend and it takes me a few days too, to get used to it so I totally understand you 'getting behind' - I will have the same next week. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today, I looked up 'blue bonnets' and recognized the flower on the photos (in Dutch 'Lupinus')but I never saw that much together, just beautiful!! Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland, Marit #25

  3. Fab pages

    Happy WOYWW


  4. That secret garden page is wonderful - I really like the gate opening! Thanks for a peek at your workdesk today!

    WOYWW#39 Melissa

  5. Neat Journal pages...thanks for sharing.

  6. Hope you get over the dentist visit soon, glad you found the missing journal too. I love the garden hidden behind the gate! Sarah #26


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