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Week411 of WOYWW

A big thank you to Kelly who noted i was posting this with wrong week  !

Hello everyone, its a bright clear, sunny day here in the Texas hill country.  Xochitl is recovered from her vet visit(ordeal would be her word) to the vet and her treatment for hair balls.  She received a bag of new healthy treats completing her return to health.  Today she is in full lizard capturing mode.  We have rescued one complete with tail.
I am busy working on Wanderlust.   This is is my first attempt using acrylics as they were intended and trying to follow the instructors video.  Since she was teaching a mermaid you can see I kind of missed !

Since everything was out I went on to set up a background for several journal covers.  here they are drying on the window seat.  no-one has ever sat on the window seat, it is uncomfortable.  so it now serves a purpose.

note work space, the silicone mat is there!!!!  yes i am clearing it up but the urge to communicate with the wandering desk watchers was too great…


My phone tells me the rain will let up in the afternoon and my weather station says there is a thunderstorm alert and another that there is no alert.  So here we are confused!
"I am helping Mommy by showing her where the treats are and reminding her it's that time"

Today I have knocked over paint in bottle, spray bottles as well as spraying everything but the surface for which it was intended.  Now I have overturned the third water jar.  Time to pack up.  Over the weekend worked on gessoing binders for Life Documented then painted and decorated them created pages and dividers.  Today I gessoed pages for Wanderlust. I am really tired so having a cuppa.  This drinking of tea is a direct consequence of this site WOYWW.  Once the real warm weather hits cider will take over.   Binder after gesso and several layers

Binder finished!
This was my workplace this am

this is my window desk

and this is my computer space.  recently bought speakers so I can hear video.  Very good for …


Hello everyone and welcome to WOYWW on 4/5/17.  last Wednesday passed before i caught up with it.  So today I am prepared for tomorrow!

Following a day of Gelli printing (mono-printing), well just a few hours, my desk is leading a cacophonous wave from desktop to window seat.   The eternal quest to clean it up will follow a short intermission while i write this post.  Hubby is reeling from a cold, it is more of a withdrawal, the cats were spooked by Sunday morning storm and remain in the spooky aura.  I am fumbling around.  Just caught up on Documented Life journal and Wanderlust  2017 and have managed to eradicate myself from the site.  It is like being excommunicated as it doesn't even ask for my password.  My password is in the 999th edition of my "Passwords Tome"!, a very close companion. I do hope to be able to visit everyone tomorrow and be inspired by the many art and craft  wonders under construction.

My work area today

my window seat....the Gelli Plate gallery…