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416 8 year anniversary WOYWW

Congrats Julia for such a happy achievement .  It is terrific fun to see what people do , to find there are people who are messy like me and there are neat nicks.  The latter, alas, were always held up as model by everyone from mother, teachers and bosses.  Well maybe one nun who offered the observation that "outta sight was out of mind!!!!"  A philosophy I subscribe to.

Yesterday I was totally confused and thought it was Wednesday!!! wondered all day where this blog was.  I worried too after the awful event in Manchester.  My roots run back to that great city where the people are so kind.  My heart goes out to all of you who are grieving and hurting.

This is written before I read Julie's post or anyone else.  Just know you are all in my heart.

Here is my desk,

My room is like this after furious search for lost journal.

This week worked on a Kate crane class on patchwork.  I saw it more as cray quilting.

I enjoyed doing it so much I made a pocket for my journal using …


Today it is dreary, misty, in sharp contrast to the brilliant sunny days of last week and the weekend.  I feel suitably dreary and have another UTI that makes me feel miserable.  
Working on Wanderlust.  The classes have been great fun.  This did not quite work out

 A journal page in May for Documented Life The yellow is a pocket for my To Do List.   As a retiree a calendar is truly all that is needed but old habit stick.
 monthly divider,  I like this and plan more.  Accordion book for week 18 the green folds dawn,  to the left is the orbit chewing gum box "altered"
This is the helpers best helping position.
Tomorrow, i.e. Wednesday I plan on visiting everyone to get inspired

#413 WOYWW

I cannot believe it is May, where did April go.  It feels like time is on a fast track and I am off track.  So here I am ready to launch this week and check out all the great art and craft going on! 
 Trying to keep up with Wanderlust.  It is a fantastic project and very different than most classes.  They sure introduce us to some fabulous artists who give a peek into how they create.  Mine never comes out like it is meant to.  Despite this it is a great learning tool.  In 'Life Documented" an extension of the Documented life project, completed in 2015 and 2016 I have found fun in journaling and calendars with a fun group.  It seems to be run by a few Brits who have such a relaxed and easy way.    Let me show some photos of my weekly twiddling around.
This is an accordion book for a Wanderlust project.  It is not quite what i had in mind.  

here is my desk today Tuesday May 2, here May divider on right and on left a page called confusion.  Something that characterized April.