Today it is dreary, misty, in sharp contrast to the brilliant sunny days of last week and the weekend.  I feel suitably dreary and have another UTI that makes me feel miserable.  

Working on Wanderlust.  The classes have been great fun.  This did not quite work out

 A journal page in May for Documented Life
The yellow is a pocket for my To Do List.  
As a retiree a calendar is truly all that is needed but old habit stick.

 monthly divider, 
I like this and plan more.
 Accordion book for week 18
the green folds dawn,  to the left is the orbit chewing gum box "altered"
This is the helpers best helping position.

Tomorrow, i.e. Wednesday I plan on visiting everyone to get inspired


  1. What a great WOYWW TFS xx Jan

  2. Hi Monica, love the shot of your helpers! Great journal pages too, and the planners are so vibrant! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #7 XxX

  3. Well Monica, I like your helpers, look like they are both tired out.
    Love the idea of your calendar, I like things with pockets and 'foldy' bits and I do like you latest Wanderlust challenge. Such a lovely array of colours, makes it a happy page.
    Hugs, Neet 13 xx

  4. loving your journal work! Helen #1

  5. I love your beautiful art journal pages! Thanks for visiting me! Sandy Leigh #34

  6. LOVE your pages - lots of variety, but somehow cohesive, wonderful!
    Happy WOYWW, Claire no.25

  7. Super documented life journal. Thanks for the visit BJ#4

  8. Don't visit my desk for inspiration - there's nothing on it! lol
    My poor mum has been suffering with UTI's lately - we thought she'd had a stroke! Who knew it could affect you so? Hope you're feeling much better and recovering.
    Bubbles #22

  9. What bright and beautiful colours you've been working with, Monica! So summery :-D I love those words from Carousel, we play it in my brass band, it gives me the tingles...
    Hugs, LLJ 6 xxx

  10. Aw Monica, how horrid, there's no where to put yourself when a UTI hurts. I hope you can clear it quickly. Love the altered orbit box, it's a really great inclusion. And that helping position....I recognise that!!!

  11. Oh dear sorry re the UTI. Love the pages. Not sure my desk is inspirational - sorry. It's been raining here all day!! sorry I'm late bit it is still Wed here :-) Anne x 10

  12. I like your divider and pockets the best. Inspired and inspiring! I really like the book overall, and would like to know the kind or kinds of paper that you prefer working with for such a fun, colorful and interesting book.
    Rose of Rose's Art Garden

  13. Ohh, I hope you feel better soon! Yes, Wanderlust has been amazing so far: Only 2 weeks I couldn't complete, so far. Whimsical is a good description for this week...as it was pretty much a color free-for all for me! LOL! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.
    -K #40

  14. UGH! An UTI is no fun. I enjoyed your photos. Great job! Thanks for visiting me earlier. Dorlene #39

  15. Great journal pages! Love your helpers! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #33

  16. Hope you are feeling better and that the UTI has cleared up. I love the top journal page. I must admit, my first thought was footie as it is the song sung by fans at Liverpool FC, but even though I don't support the same team, I love the song. Sarah #17

  17. sometimes we learn the most out of things that didn't work out. have a nice weekend, vicky #5


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