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The missing week or 2.

This is my desk 2 weeks ago when I could not get photos to print.  had to clear cache....a week to figure it out.  Last week was hectic my friend Liz arrived from Chicago for a short 4 day visit to attend Chris's birthday party.    Once again it will not post photos.

week 419 WOYWW

I spent several hours yesterday and today trying to post images on Blogger.  It does not happen. they appear in the "insert image box and that is the end.  No trouble with Facebook, Instagram or email.  Blogger is of no help.

will try visiting later today.


Today, inspiration is on vacation so I am reading book 2 of a series by Dorothy May Mercer. it is a series of 5 thrillers.  The police are portrayed not as idiots or misfits but as normal people with family lives, her writing style is a little business like and at times  old fashioned. It is an  escape; not just from the pain of 2017 but my art bust.  Nothing new or vaguely art is in my sight today.  I made cookies this morning, well the dough.  I will go cut the dough log up and freeze the slices to be cooked later as they are part of the planned celebration of Chris's birthday late this month.

 My large Wanderlust is  not what i want it to be, and i do not want to start on anything as we go to the vet soon for nail cutting and Xochitl is no where to be seen,  Ms Kitty has just demolished the stuff I moved to photo my icad offerings.  The current discontent is fueled by my attempt to "conquer" Instagram.  This year i am doing ICAD 2017  and it is posted on Instagram . …