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WOYWW 424 OR IS IT 423 OR......

Good day everyone.   now lets see if my blog can post photos.
My desk earlier, now a mess as I made another background.   over the last weekend My focus switched to trying to understand Google or as I like to call it "Empire Google".  After all they do seem to manage everything.  Facebook has become too political.  All the hate spouting out from everyone on opposing political sides that I want more control to read and visit with people "of interest" or more correctly my interests.  Thus began my attempt to understand Drive, Photos and Google+.  The latter is the one I have not fully found how to use.  But thanks Sarah for your help.
The photos on my desk are from my husband's 80th birthday party, a very noisy robust evening.  He refused to count the wine bottle that went into the garbage!  I want to make him a birthday book and had everyone sign it with good wishes .  These are the only photos I have as everyone was too busy talking laughing and socializing.  …


SO EXCITED     back again working.  tried everything cleaned and cleared and just left it; we had problems with TVs and computers so we turned all off and unplugged etc.  All electronics seem to go out in 2 year period.  It was Good-by to Sunshine my yellow beetle and hello red rider, a new Hyundai Sonata with a lot of gadgets that may take the rest of my days on earth to commit to memory! Today is July 4th and not a trace of red white and blue.  Mostly because the morning was spent posting icad on Instagram and a very plodding piece of social media it is after Facebook.  

This is for the Wanderlust Class of Rae Messigman.  She really teaches very well with great detail.  The pieces at the front are the covers of the book, she used department envelopes but they are not available in our small town.  Behind them are the signatures.  She likes to paint the folios as she does not like blank pages.  I am not afraid of blank pages just a blank mind.  I went along with her ideas as splashin…