WOYWW 424 OR IS IT 423 OR......

Good day everyone.  
now lets see if my blog can post photos.

My desk earlier, now a mess as I made another background.   over the last weekend My focus switched to trying to understand Google or as I like to call it "Empire Google".  After all they do seem to manage everything.  Facebook has become too political.  All the hate spouting out from everyone on opposing political sides that I want more control to read and visit with people "of interest" or more correctly my interests.  Thus began my attempt to understand Drive, Photos and Google+.  The latter is the one I have not fully found how to use.  But thanks Sarah for your help.

The photos on my desk are from my husband's 80th birthday party, a very noisy robust evening.  He refused to count the wine bottle that went into the garbage!  I want to make him a birthday book and had everyone sign it with good wishes .  These are the only photos I have as everyone was too busy talking laughing and socializing.  Possibly due to lack of teens and others under 40.  Yesterday i meant to add them to his album, a Black Dylusions journal, but ran out of steam.  If anyone can refer me to a scrapbook or memory book they have made and posted, I will be very grateful. 

This week making icads for #icad 2017 .

#42  prompt onomatopoeia

#23 Alice in Wonderland

#37 Kamaoji

Also completed Rae Messigman's Wanderlust lesson, a journal made out of departmental envelopes.  Since I was unable to find these envelopes I just used the tan 22 x 16 size  this is front cover.  Will use as travel log for a trip to California

 more icads , Oh it means index card. the challenge is to do one a day for 60 days using her prompts and to post to Instagram under #dyicad2017.  you spend about 10 minutes on them.  I spend more time posting them!
this one is #35 and prompt, your favorite type of apple.  Most people do not use prompt.  I just look at it and go from there.

#icad30, 4th of July
 # 29 Polka dots 

Well have to go as it is time for gym and I need to try out Notes for shopping list on my mobile, to see if I "get it"! 
Have a great day will visit later today.


  1. Thanks for visiting earlier. Glad to see you're getting to grips with Google+. Sounds like a great time was had by all at the party. Love your play on Alice in Wonderland LOL. Happy WOYWW Sarah #23

  2. I can't see any mess in your workspace, just some wonderful crafting - Hazel WOYWW 36 x

  3. Hi there, it's definitely 423 this week. Now I can't see any mess there Lol! Have a great woyww and a lovely crafty week, Angela x12x

  4. Hi Monica, I perfectly understand why you would give Facebook a miss. Lovely to see all the goodies on your desk and always nice to compile a lovely book of your husband's birthday.
    sandra de @8

  5. I love your journal cover--so pretty!! George will celebrate his 80th next year--80!! wow--how did that happen? but as George always says "it beats the alternative!" lol Happy birthday to Chris

  6. Great i-cad cards! I was no good with prompts, which is probably why I stopped after about 4 cards, the 100 Day Project works well for me! I know you don't have to use the prompts, but it didn't matter! I guess I'm not much of a rebel! Love your journal page cover! Our Penny passed over the rainbow bridge last night :-( We have had 5 cats now, die from old age, all female. We have had 3 cats hit by cars, all males. All cats were outdoor/indoor cats. I think we will stick to female cats! We still have Inky, who wanders around looking for Penny, who probably, a few months from now, will become a big sister herself. Thanks for your earlier visit to mine, Lindart #31

  7. Your icads are so creative! It sounds like the birthday party was a blast. Have a great week!

    Suzanne #33

  8. What a great post. I just started the ICAD challenge this week since we had a family wedding and I knew I couldn't commit in June. I've made many mini albums for special occasions so have fun creating yours. No matter what you do, it'll be great! Dorlene #30

  9. Thanks for dropping by my blog, so now it's my turn to see your ICADs. I like that you have actually used the prompts. I don't belong to any social media site, except blogger, but it takes me as long or longer to photograph or scan, then watermark, and upload my images to blogger. I totally understand your frustration at how long it takes to share these. Thanks for reminding me of that.

    Have a save and wonderful trip with your two cats. SO glad they don't mind riding.


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