Not a good week due to bouts of fatigue one of Menieres Disease little friends.  This month has always been bad for this disease but I have been relatively free of symptoms for several years.  So this year on Labor Day it paid me a VERY brief visit with a few seconds of vertigo( it was probably nystagmus....Google that!).  Scary but the fatigue is what ruins my arts and craft life.  Inspiration flies out the window.  My "go to" medication is the reinstalling of an afternoon cuppa of PG Tips and 2 Hershey Layer bars, a lay down with Ipad and a hour of videos or TV.  Now to real life.

I completed my Travel Journal, managing to not get tense and just to do it. Happy with it .

Last week I completed the Tag Challenge with roben -Marie Smith on FB.  I love doing this "nonsense" stuff.  It is so much fin and fits me.  WOW that realization was 3/4 of a century in coming.  below are all the tags.  She makes it very interesting.

This is the final "Tag in a bag" day &.  I used this holder for a mobile my friend Ruth Potter made.  It was too hot for a mobile device.  So now it is a holder for my crazies!  Ruth is a great artist with a needle.

This ismy desk today with what I have been creating.  The bottom 3 are for Wanderlust.  I re created a lesson they post every month as I enjoy doing this project called the One Collage  Challenge.  My daily art journal is upper right and a book I called my Kasia journal, I really think I prefer working in small journals and fiddling around with many faceted small projects.  

OK after much messing with Google Empire I managed to find a way to get the photo of my desk to Blogger.    It seems as fast as i learn one facet of the digital world, it develops a whole new way to do things.  trying to learn the MEDIA set up in new car and a tire blow out which meant i had to delve into maintenance and see no alert came onto screen.  It is fixed and that facet of information is in an archive that seems to be a new name for my mind!

Have a great wednesday visiting all the exciting desks that WOYWW will drive you to.


  1. I love your journal cover! And I can tell you are having fun with all those pages and tags. We gripe about the technology changes all the time. It seems like every time George wants to list something on Ebay they have changed the page format--in an attempt to "make it easier". Just leave it alone!! Hope your Menieres leaves you alone!

  2. Wow Monica, you have certainly been productive despite the set backs and difficulties. As a Brit I can certainly attest to the positive effects of a good cuppa tea! Love the tags; I often work in that format to try out techniques or come up with something quick to share. Hope the dizziness an fatigue are at a minimum in future. Happy WOYWW Sarah #26

  3. Hi Monica. Well done on completing the travel journal. Looks like you have been really busy with everything else as well!! Brilliant - despite health issues which do their darndest to stop you!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  4. I did Google Menieres Disease, and it sounds awful. I hope it doesn't last very long. I'm glad to see that you have been very productive in your craft room, everything looks great! I love the photo with all the tags! Have a great week, and thanks for sharing! Lindart #31

  5. Hi Monica .. hope the fatigue doesn't affect you too much! I love the colours on the tags. Thanks for stopping by. I am feeling much better thank you, just get tired if I try and do too much. Have a lovely week, Heather #30

  6. Hi Monica, I hope things are a little better now. Thanks to my radiotherapy, I find myself getting wiped out, and 'treat' it much the same as you. I have a lie down on the recliner, with a coffee and my Tablet and watch some crafting videos. We eventually find the way to look after ourselves, don't we? Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

  7. Hi Monica. I've been a bit distracted with my parents as they've needed us a bit more recently but wanted to try and get round if I could so pleased I did. Love the journal cover. Happy belated woyww, Angela x16x

  8. I really love your travel journal, looks gorgeous! I, too, like to keep different journals that I work in, from the bigger to the small ones... it comes in waves the size I prefer (right now it's 'medium' I guess...) Thanks for visiting me earlier, hug from cold, rainy and windy Holland, Marit #25


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