Vacation is over finally home and trying to get into my usual  comfortable RUT. Whenever possible  I read  your blogs.  It just amazed me how often there is no Wi FI or signal.  So here I am.  catching up with Wanderlust and   "Playing Tag Art Challenge" with Roben-Marie Smith, a task I expected to complete in a couple of hours; it is now 5 hours later and completion is days down the road

This week in Wanderlust the guest artist was Azoline , a fine french artist who is very organized, careful, tidy and conservative.  Everything I am completely NOT.  Her class, video and pdf were detailed and easy to follow.  So below is what I made.  She uses Yupo paper and alcohol inks, I did not have Yupo so used Rangers glossy paper for alcohol inks.  really like how it turned out and plan to at least use up the alcohol inks.  problem is that they are sold in sets of 3, and for me, who loves brights it means 2 drabs for every bright.  

This is my work space.  

This is my computer desk where I do pen work.  The two items to left and center are the Tag book and  square tag for day 1 & 2.

My travel journal made from class with Rae Messinger in Wanderlust it is made from  interoffice envelopes( well mine are just manila.

Here is is open in the Santa Fe section.  

More Wanderlust.  After I stopped trying everyone and selecting I started to really appreciate this class.  It Introduces teachers from all over the world and they are mostly the best.  I love the classes Kasia  presents and as a result i find I prefer working with small and creating fiddly little things, like books.  What it lacks is a camaraderie as there is no virtual "student lounge ". No-one seems to want to truly share and discuss.  So I will find other ways to meet and chat with art types. (It is 200 miles to the nearest art store like you all have, the BIG stores may have bargains and sales but other wise it is junk, floral supplies and home deco).    Wanderlust is also a bargain as 52 weeks of  class for $99 

I used my Life Documented Journal for daily notes on the road and then wrote the travels into my journal when I reached home. Two cats bumpy roads and a small RV are not the best way to journal. Here is the binder for September

and the September divider, it was a work out for Azoline's class 

 the prompt for week 33 was tea bag art.    This was a cat art show, an opportunity to use some new cat stamps.
 One week was tea bag art and since i now have returned to drinking tea, influence of WOYWW I used some new stamps and  on white tea. bags and the paint on PG Tips.  thsy sell it at local grocery store HEB.

this was interpreting  a famous picture in this case "Manet 's Folie Bergere, using cat napkin to replace bar maid.

So with this masterpiece of napkin art I will s close up and try to visit tomorrow as many sites as possible.


  1. That is a pretty cool journal! And such a busy desk! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!
    Carol N #26

  2. Wow, I love those cats, especially the play on the famous painting. Your work is so bright and cheerful. Have you looked online for alcohol inks? I have always bought mine singly and have all the Brights set. It might be worth checking around. Happy WOYWW Sarah #19

  3. Hi Monica, so many lovely pieces to look at, love all the vibrant colours. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XxX

  4. Hi Monica
    I haven't done a Woyww post this week, but I'm just having a browse to see what other people are up to. (Oh, and it's 3.30am here and I have insomnia. Such fun!) I'm also doing Wanderlust and I have just signed up for next year. I agree, it is fabulous value! I also think that there is not much "connection" with other people this year, which is odd, because I thought last year was very friendly. I am watching every video but I do not not attempt every lesson, mainly because of time restraints. Anyway, on the whole I thoroughly enjoy it. (Feel free to email me and we can chat more about it, if you like. I think you can get my address via my blog?)
    I love all your cat images!

  5. wow, you've been so busy! I enjoyed Azoline's lesson too. Helen #1

  6. What a busy girl you have been your post is packed with gorgeous art and vibrant colours... Love it all... Have a happy creative week ahead... May #10

  7. I love the idea of a "cat gallery" - very creative! And the cards you made with Azoline are awesome! I wil have to look her up! Have a great week, thanks for sharing! Lindart #31

  8. Lovely art work and gorgeous colours. Hope you have a great woyww and a happy crafty week. Angela x14x

  9. I love the new Folies Bergere! I'm right with you about the bright colours too - not only in alcohol inks, the THoltz mini ink pads, all sorts of things come in 2 drab 1 bright packs. I complained for ages that the TH range was just seven shades of wee wee!
    There are lots of Wanderlust gals on WOYWW, so at least you can discuss somewhere! Love the result from Azoline's lesson, very pretty and colourful.

  10. Oh.. how much there is to see (and admire) in your blogpost, your art looks wonderful! I especially like your take on MOnet! As for your question on my blog what art journals I use... I bind them myself and use thick (200-300 gr.) watercolor-paper for the pages. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day, have a nice week. Marit #20

  11. WOW loving everything, I too love bright colours. The two flower pieces are amazing as too the folder and bits and bobs, what a scrumptious post. BJ#21


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