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Week 442 WOYWW

Hello everyone.   When I set out to write this early this morning I used my mobile and found I can post photos directly to Blogger.  This worked except it wiped out my already done text .  Who knows what alien is now earnestly looking for my photos in a tiny art studio on planet Whatsit  
 This is Thanksgiving week and Thursday is a holiday in the USA., celebrated by over eating and big family get-together. Will tell you next week what we plan to do. 
 Here in my studio facing the south end where the red packages and box are photo papers from Canon who send boxes of them every time I order ink.  

This is my work space  from the north end with Wanderlust materials ready to be put away.  Continue to debate whether I want to take Wanderlust 2018 or find something else, 
This is another view of my work space with the cards I just covered with gesso.  They are Jimmy Johnson fan cards perfect size for ATCs (he is a NASCAR Driver).  They are shiny plastic so I used Dick Blick white gesso as…


Today I changed my blog background with Google  template.  After a week of posting stuff to my groups and working on journaling ideas for next year, and following hours of research decided Bullet Journaling is not for this retiree.  WOW. Stop and smell the roses is not in a bullet journalists life. they plan every minute, hour and second.  The joys of retirement, no schedule.  I like to know when and what I am doing outside of my studio but not in it.  
When I finally cleared up my desk last Thursday I started a new project.  It was so much fun, I forgot to photo it, and WHOOPS desk was a mess.  I write about this because my childhood was governed by my mother's insistence that nothing is left out ever, even when you stop for lunch.  It was an endless round of putting away and taking out.  Since setting out into the wide world of independence, my rebellion has been in full swing.  Now it is a lifestyle.  This line of thought came after watching you tubes of artists who have to st…

440 week on WOYWW

hello everyone,  hope today finds you creative and energetic.  Last weekend my DH went to NASCAR in Dallas and I had two nights on the town with girl friends.  No photos too busy sipping wine, eating yummy food and gossiping  discussing current affairs.  Cats were devastated that we abandoned their routine.
we have been abandoned

New computer is outrunning me and I have had problems with iPad and my Android.  Hope today I fixed it.  At least I have a handle on Google docs and importing old files.
This week was my turn to post a how to on Life Documented and it was due the week after my computer crashed.  Had to rewrite it and use husband's computer.  That was tough.  I managed.  Here is the project after working on it for a few weeks.   is a monthly divider for my art journal, November, and used black gesso for the first time and as the technique. Black gesso was was an impulse buy and it has one true property that is useful.  The black is black,  great page cover.  Most black ac…


Cannot sleep due to medication and wine fighting within my body.  2 weeks ago my computer crashed and was replace with a Dell laptop 7 days later.  Apparently it did not come on a slow boat from India but I think by stage coach.  Then the fun of setting it up, battling those high tech words with low expletives.  Tuesday evening Larry and Carol Brouwer, friends and neighbors, came for dinner, and to fix my blunders.   Larry even rescued all my files from my hard drive.  Carole got my printer to work.
Over the last 2 weeks we have had  many problems and solutions to find for our lives.  Managed a little art work. My work space at 1.34 am CT

What you see is all the stuff dumped as i cleared a space for Larry and Carole to both work at the new and old.  This shot was the first ever taken at night and looking north.  
OK that is me will try to visit everyone later, much later today.