Week 442 WOYWW

Hello everyone.  
When I set out to write this early this morning I used my mobile and found I can post photos directly to Blogger.  This worked except it wiped out my already done text .  Who knows what alien is now earnestly looking for my photos in a tiny art studio on planet Whatsit  

 This is Thanksgiving week and Thursday is a holiday in the USA., celebrated by over eating and big family get-together. Will tell you next week what we plan to do. 

 Here in my studio facing the south end where the red packages and box are photo papers from Canon who send boxes of them every time I order ink.  

This is my work space  from the north end with Wanderlust materials ready to be put away.  Continue to debate whether I want to take Wanderlust 2018 or find something else, 

This is another view of my work space with the cards I just covered with gesso.  They are Jimmy Johnson fan cards perfect size for ATCs (he is a NASCAR Driver).  They are shiny plastic so I used Dick Blick white gesso as it is gritty and the paint will adhere. 

exhausted just knocked over 74 Tombow Markers and had to put them back into the stupid grid that is called a holder and collapses very easily.

Now go off and visit everyone,  There are sone amazing artist posting on WOYWW


  1. Hi Monica, that pen storage sounds like a right pain! All that photo paper should be great for some craft projects. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 XxX

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and
    Happy WOYWW
    Rose #29

  3. hope you have a fabulous thanksgiving. I signed up for wanderlust again even despite falling behind with watching this year and not doing a single project from it.... hey ho! better luck next time. Helen #2

  4. That's comupters for you, who knows where they hide stuff, all I know is that they , manage to move stuff when you want to keep it and then wont give it back Lol! Have a very happy woyww, Angela x10x

  5. Happy WOYWW. There have been several complicated methods of getting both photos and text into Blogger for me over the years. I finally seem to have got it sorted - and it is a quick job for me to get a blog post done. Interesting that you are using the plastic cards.. I signed up for Life Book this year, but soon lost interest (and had some tech issues) and haven't done many of the lessons at all. Not going to do any 'year long' workshops from now on, as I prefer to not have any schedules and be free. How annoying with the markers. I dropped my box of pencils and they did not go back in the 'right' places! Ali x #3

  6. Love the to be ATCs! Have a great week and sorry I'm so late visitng.
    Ellie #13

  7. Oh Monica, I remember that Tombow holder well...so frustrating, I had one for ages and collapsed it often before I realised I didnt have to use it! Now I have very few, so dont need one anyway! Am loving the compass directed desk views. My word, dont Canon send a lot of stuff! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving day Having you discuss a new Wanderlust for 2018 brought me up a bit as to how time is marching on again!


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