ah ha! It is 4pm Tuesday and I just realized that means I need to write a post and post a photo of my workspace . (I like workspace as one word MR. Google).  He has underline it in red again.I have won by adding workspace to MY dictionary.  

Today hubby and I went shopping at Costco (a mega warehouse store).  It is always horrendous shopping with him as he acts like he is in a marathon and has to collect ONLY the things on the list and if we stay in the store too long we will be zapped up by aliens.

Here is my desk today

This week has not left me much time in my room working on things I enjoy.  There seem to have been a million things not quite working in my corner of Empire Google.  Lots of time was spent on resolving this and now I understand Google Slides/Presentation or do I?  

I signed up for Kelly Kilmer "An Artist's Study" starting Jan. 1  .  She is a super teacher. SO excited.  Also plan to continue with Life Documented, a super group of women with fun ideas.  
Finishing up some of the Activities in Wanderlust 2017, remain undecided if  will continue with it 2018.  

Hope tomorrow afternoon will see me visiting your workspaces ( Mr Google just threw a fit) and letting you know how much your posts are enjoyed.


  1. Hi Monica. Good for you! You tell Mr Google what you need - of COURSE workspace is just one word!!!!! Well, your dictionary obviously has had an effect - it hasn't been challenged with a red line!! I love Costco - often found some real bargains, and lovely craft stuff, when I have gone with my daughter.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  2. Your hubby's attitude to shopping sound familiar Lol! Looks like some interesting projects on your desk today too. Have a lovely crafty woyww, Angela x12x

  3. I love Kelly Kilmer's art and have done a few classes in the past. I just can't sign up for this though and won't be continuing with Life Documented in 2018.. I have just so much without them - I need double the hours in the day and to not have to work or care for anyone and I probably would still not get everything creative done I want to! Aren't we lucky :-)

  4. Wow, you certainly have a lot of different projects on the go. Good luck battling with Mr Google! Sarah #9

  5. Gosh your husband sounds like mine whilst shopping, I love Costco they have one near London it's about 1 and half hour drive from my home but I love to visit at least 3 times a year... and the IKea store is beside it too... love that store too.. wish they were nearer... Busy creative desk. today... your upcoming courses sound lots of fun... Happy WOYWW...mAY#3

  6. It is like that shopping with my husband too! Have to have a list, and only shop for what is on the list! LOL. Your desk looks busy, even if you aren’t doing anything! I sure do like this script! Glad you made it to our little desk showing party! #36

  7. Well ... that desk looks awfully busy, and painterly. Lovely to see. Hope you enjoy your new course, I did two weeks of Wanderlust and never again nok
    Now my other half loves shopping, really, well for a limited amount of time I must add, but Costco can actually be a good experience for us. - as always we come away with more than we set out for.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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