Last week flew by in a haze of WiFi interruptions and all kind of problems as are system resisted the new.  Now after sending it to bed it is no longer naughty and hopeful this morning saw the last of the men in big heavy boots tramping through the house.  

Signed up for Wanderlust 2018.  It is one of the best offerings I could find and I like the Brit touch.  Their new platform should make everything easier.
One of the activities they had was a year long collage and final prompt was to cut it up.  here is mine,  it was a mess and I joyfully 

cut it up with a my big shot dye cutter to this and place it on a new background.  Like it much better.  Think it has something to do with quote about  "nothing cut in stone"!

Other than this I am trying to tidy and reorganize my studio since donating my serger.  this calls for moving all the stuff on shelves and thinking what is easier to reach with the ladder and is a rarely used item.  Also making way for 2018 already signed up for 2 classes, including Wanderlust 2018.   Kelly Kilmer's An Artist's Study  is my second class.  She is a very detailed knowledgeable teacher.  I have taken several classes with her.  This class seems quite a challenge.

OK folks that is it; HAVE to return to my mess and try to fix it  today.  

   Have a happy happy holiday go easy on the plum pud, the wassail bowl and general merrymaking.  




  1. At first I thought 'How can you cut up that artwork' but actually, I really like the birds with their painted effect. Method behind the madness and all that!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and may your wassail drink never empty :-D
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxxx

  2. Hi Monica, great start to next year signing up for classes already! Love the project, came out great. Have a lovely Christmas, Love & Hugs, Shaz #5 XxX

  3. you have a wonderful workspace! beautiful creations!! Happy holidays to you!

  4. Hi Monica. You sound busy - have an empty desk myself - but that's because I haven't done anything on it for three weeks!!! Have a very special Christmas season.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  5. Hi Monica. Glad your Wi-Fi problems are sorted. I hate if when that happens. Enjoy your classes for 2018. Have a lovely Christmas, Heather #32

  6. I can’t promise to go easy.......but I’ll report for duty next week and confess all! Love the collage and the final job to cut it up....your result is just fab, love a bird in most circs, so this on th plain background just about comes up perfect! Saw the ad for Wanderlust 2018, was surprised by the Brit influence! glad you’ve enjoyed it, it’s been a fascinating watch for me! Happy Christmas!

  7. Well done at getting so organised ready for next year. Have a good Christmas and a great woyww too, Angela x8x

  8. Thanks for swinging by my blog Monica and for your kind words. I saw that Wanderlust is in Oahu and my bestie lives there, so I might buy her a day pass. Love that you were brave enough to cut up your collage, I love the new birdies that you got out of it. I think I need a ladder, having seen yours. Claire #26

  9. Merry Christmas Monica! May you enjoy your new classes and have a very productive and creative 2018! Sarah #9

  10. WOW that was brave to cut up your page. Must search out the Wanderlust 2018 sounds good. Have a Happy Christmas and a Crafty New Year BJ#27


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