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woyww 493

Hello everyone.  This is not a good year for me and i am beginning to feel like a collector of hard to diagnose ailments/diseases.  All this has hindered my writing on this blog and in creating anything.  The incentive is there now and again but the red itchy eyes and general sense of YUK has not been conducive to anything.  Yesterday I went to the emergency room as the neurologist is out of town.

 Small town hospitals is not too busy on Monday morning!!!!
 A lovely young woman doctor re-did the medication and finally I have confronted my diagnosis.  I have early stage Myasthenia Gravis.  I have gone from a drooping eyelid to problems swallowing etc etc.  As the doctor said to me you sure seem to be collecting hard to diagnose medical conditions! ( on hearing of Meniere's Disease in my portfolio)

 So here is my desk.  Next week between leaving for Galveston and medical test for all the other stuff I plan to clean up. I will try to return.
 Reading everyone's post was truly up…

#487 WOYWW

Since Friday June 13 I have had a hell of a time, from cat hair wrapped around eyeball to eye allergies, ear popping patch on eardrum and inviting infections in to a multitude of tests that showed I have Myasthenia gravis, whatever they are called in my blood (but not in my muscles) and this means reactions to all kind of drugs and finally to ear surgery to replace my ear drum.  This is 4-6 weeks before they know if it works or not and then here we go again.  Of all this by far the worst are th eye allergies as my eye itch and leak ( this was the worst year ever for mold about 15,000, usually high is 1000) and until last week so did my nose.  It was like the Fountain of Doom.  Doom is now controlled and hopefully by friday my eyes.  Not much creativity in all of this. 
Ms kitty loves playing with grapes.

My desklooks like i feel spacey and blah.  
My one "time filler" was  Setting up a family tree after getting the name of my father from family.  As soon as eye…

Week 484 Missing in art

It is several weeks since I posted.  Since mid July I have had constant hearing problems related to a hole in my right ear drum.  next Monday I undergo surgery to fix the hole and hopefully restore my hearing to a level that with hearing aids i will hear.  In between I picked up another disease that only becomes a problem if I take certain drugs.  Most of which are the ones that would really have helped my ear problems.  Life is never simple.  In between i sort solace in creating in my Life Documented art journals and wanderlust.  All the creations are crappy but at least I escaped.
Looking forwards to next week or the week after, life just may respond to modern medicine.

In between I had a birthday and this is what a friend sent me Harbor Maine Chocolates
Lots of summer themes and mine was so dismal I found women, old women who were enjoying life.

I was inspired by a class with Marieke!

We had a week on the bay but it was SO hot day and night it was miserable and the cats would go b…

www 478

There really is nothing on my desk. I have had a hell of a month starting with cat hair wrapped around eyeball and now ear drum erupting.  SO instead of a day with fiber and paint it is back to doctor
and ?????

Well yesterday was not good and with drops for 7 days and then a shot to the ear it is wait and hear?


Busy day and achieving nothing .  Working on Life Documented  and Wanderlust.  Catching up with icad but as soon as I do it's the next day!!!!
my work desk today

computer desks
Binder covers first coat after gesso. 
Calendar pages for week 26

As fast as i clear up I start another project.  It is so hot that the acrylic paint is drying as I put it down.  Cats are clapped out in hallway I hope.  Xochitl was given a new collar today and Chris just found it, outside.

After 5 weeks in the shop and them doing nothing Chris had his usual repair shop take it from the dealership.  A friend lent him a truck when he went on vacation.  When he uses my car I have to remember to change the seat, the mirrors, the radio, the AC and so on.  The repair shop it is in will not be able to look at it until after July 4.

Time for a cider wish it would rain.  NO CHANCE

I am wondering what I can do to remember to post this so I can visit .
See you tomorrow.

I will try to visit tomorrow

WOYWW last week of June 2018

Well I am so sorry I missed the past few weeks but Tuesday medical appointments in San Antonio wipe me out.  In doctors waiting rooms reread  Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan and now on book 3 of his hilariously funny trilogy. Last week I presented CRA to my book club .  The best laugh in a long time and not just because the wine flowed very freely.

 My time is spent with the icad 2018(#xmk211) project that lead to finally conquering Google Photos posting.  Wanderlust has seen me create more messes than ever and as Jack of all trades nothing is done very well.  The sad part is that my enjoyment of these activities is a definite hindrance to learning to paint in any mode correctly as course like Wanderlust have many luring classes. 

Here is my desk.

The watercolor is for Wanderlust and is the Texas version of a meadow! Most of it is Big Sky one of the best features of summer in Texas is at the end of a blistering day (in high 90s F  for 10 days) is spectacular sunsets and clouds.  Oh y…

WOYWW last week of june


472 WOYWW June 12

Cable, TV, Internet all off this morning just came on and it is 8.55am.  Spectrum is the pits.

Another week has gone and so much time wasted in trying to get stuff to work in Google as well as having to plough through Facebook to get past political claptrap.  

Art wise it is a disastrous week or two.  Nothing seems to work it is all a mess.  

This is my work table.  Very messy as I worked on several things and NOT cleaning in between. results in some chaos  When it is clean I lose inspiration.  So this is my Icad mess and my two journals.  Actually Wanderlust has many journals as i use different sizes depending on the class.   Originally the journal were quite organized than enthusiasm propelled me along and off I went in all directions.  Sometimes it feels like I need a large area others and other times smaller or special paper.

on the right is my computer desk.  I copy things from my PC at this desk, especially instructions and 'how to" ideas.

This is Xochitl's solution to…

WOYWW June 6

WOW had to check calendar for date!  I have just stopped laughing after reading julie's blog post about her river frolics.  Know I have been missing but last week had appointment with audiologist to hook my hearing aid to my phone by bluetooth.  The phone now rings into my hearing aids.  Now I have to alert everyone about how to reach me as i stuck with using landline as the speaker worked better than holding phone to ear.  It really works very well.
Now to my work table.  I have spent the weekend on Wonderlust 2018 and gone nowhere.  The artist was an Aussie, Tracy Verdugo and she used photo images that were double exposed (in an app called Diana) and then painted a picture with inks and some other supplies i have and have never used. After several hours I abandoned the image does not use photos stored in Google photos. Nevertheless, undeterred I marched on, well until I knocked the black ink all over the table.  Tried again after cleanup and then the ink dried were shouldn'…


Trying to get this week going.  Problems all round.  Last week I was in San Antonio getting new hearing aids.  The cost is enough to give you a stroke and learning all the accessories and the way to use them requires reading , downloading and trying to remember up down , left right , hold 2 secs etc..  It is a Phonak Audeo B90 -312 that has all kind of built in microphones and noise control but to hear properly requires accessories.  I have a ComPilot 2 9 has around 10 functions and a Roger (acronym for something) and this cuts out noise in conversations where there are several people as in a restaurant or meeting also directs TV sound to hearing aids.  It does work though too much noise can drown it out.  It can also work with a TV .  There is a learning curve and it is frustrating.  There has not been much time for art or computers etc.  Today we are off out to lunch at the noisiest restaurant we know (Chili's) to try it.  (Chris worked hard to position the poster over my head!…

week 465 WOYWW

Thank you everyone for your kindness and understanding when I wrote last week of my trials and tribulations with Menieres.  Life is a lot calmer now the symptoms have abated.  Not quite gone, I feel them lurking like I felt as a kid that goblins and bears lurked on the stairs, round that bend at the top.
  Now trying to catch up with journals and life in general.  
My work space that I cleaned up 2 days ago and decided it looked sad,  yesterday made backgrounds and today, two for my Wanderlust journal.  Workspace is looking happier.
The large journal to the rear is my Wanderlust schedule.  Painted the kraft cover as I hate that color.  It always blows my lid off when visiting sites and people make wonderful things with kraft paper.  Please note cheap paints.  I have some Dick Blick artists acrylics but they are so stiff and if I mix acrylic glazing mix with them they take hours to dry.  I need to explore some of the more fluid acrylics.  
Below is my desk area.  I do some journaling …

week 464

Not a good week as I remain under the evil spell of Menieres disease that eases off a round 4 pm.  I had a few days of art activity but my enthusiasm wanes despite several interesting prompts from my art journaling groups.  Combine that with  malware that took over Google (Amazon Rewards)and was then synced to iPad and mobile.  After days of trying to remove it a young friend Carol removed it enabling a modicum of serenity ti touch my world.  We might say this was not the best of times.  To add to the craziness each cat brought in a lizard, Ms Kitty a small one and Xochitl a larger one. Neither cat is happy that daddy returned them to the great outdoors.

my desk today; the major supplies put away; now all that remains are the 
bits you think you may need when a great idea strikes 5 minutes after you throw them all out.  
This is the bag where  tissue paper is kept and was discovered by Xochitl who is now in it sleeping.   Today I went over to a newly opened "Tea" place.  Th…

week 463 I think? YES it is

Very confused today and have been since Sunday when for the second time in 8 days I woke with Menieres symptoms. It is several years since vertigo, Menierers worst  symptom, paid a visit.  and it brought along his miserable friends tinnitus and hearing loss ( i have to wear hearing aids but it was worse) and the horrible feeling of fullness in the ears.  It subsided a little so I took a Zolpidem to sleep.   Woke up feeling off balance but vertigo was gone.  This past Sunday there was no vertigo possibly as I have doubled the medication Serc but the rest were present.  I attempted my Wanderlust weekly class and you will see I am all over the place(hubby said listless, more like listing) .  Called my Otologist and she prescribed Prednisone.  This recovered some hearing, to its usual poor spot, lulled the tinnitus and the sense of fullness (like a sloshing balloon in my head to a Noddy head). I have tried to work on journals 
here is the work space, 

My computer desk, showing bright, su…

WOYWW #461

Good morning what's on your workspace today?  After a week of removing rubber stamps from woodblocks my hands are sore and fingers stiff and there still remains  5 to be cleaned of glue! Enough! for a week or two.  Yesterday I planned working in my journals.  Immediately spilled pink paint on the journal.  Too, too much so spread it around and then had to leave to dry.
below is my computer work space where I paint when doing on line classes.

Below, is were the "pinked" journals are drying I added a few other acrylics, orange and yellow.  Pink is a color I never choose to use, since my Dylusions Bubble Gum Pink dried up. Reviewing my stash of cheap paints revealed a lot of pinks, unused.  So why do I have so many pinks?  The time has come to use them up.

This is the south side where my sewing stuff used to reside.  Now donated to  a group o women who meet to sew I have attempted to turn this into an area for new stuff awaiting a permanent home. Thus, it has become a dump…

week 460 of WOYWW

Impatiently try to solve why Google is not picking up desk photos and why Spectrum music is playing such crap on the jazz channel.

This week my desk was used not for art, well a little of the time, but for the odious task of removing rubber stamps from wood block due to the (impulse) purchase of a stamping platform.  I was so impressed, after watching a gazillion videos on how to use it that I could actually stamp and produce a complete ink covered stamp.  Mine is a VERY modest stamp collection with many rubber wood blocked ones.  In a frenzy of excitement I began tearing them off only to experience fingers and stiff joints were not sharing my enthusiasm. Nor did these newly emancipated stamps produce like the newer padded ones (specifically the Azoline lovelies).   Finally the solution, to buy  E-Z backing stuff.  Amazon Prime  is  as I write, tearing through their warehouse to get it to me soon!

today is overcast and rainy it looks like England.  really but warm So I made a cuppa a…

Whats 0n Your Workspace Wednesday week 459

Good day everyone. Busy week.  managed to catch-up with Wanderlust 2018, and life Documented. The sun is shining, the cats are molting,and even the trees are leafing out.   My workspace 
Not just cleared but cleaned.   I had to make space for the new stamp platform, a whim buy after watching Kate Crane video.  She was using it with Gelli plate and with my diminishing finger and hand strength I was sold on it.  I also found several things I had searched for over the last few months.

Found scraps, that I know where vital to a creation and now a lost creation.  My paint brushes have been cleaned and separated into watercolor and acrylic brushes.   This week's teacher on Wanderlust is Dutch and has a very long name Marlene Meijer...... she is on Instagram and Facebook but she stirred my desire to conquer, well maybe not conquer but create a few journal pages in water color. 
Have a good week and I hope the sunshine is headed your way. Imagine woyww is almost at 500 posts.  Lots of wo…