WOYWW # 449

hello everyone,  How are you?

This year the days elude me.  Possibly a side effect of a large cuddly cat taking over my bed each night.  and she really hunkers down.  so here I am off track before I start.  My desk.  For a second there I was all excited as I finally cleared off my desk, washed and vacuumed it, then I remembered I had a great idea for Wanderlust 2018( that started Friday 1/5)and  so went the clean desk.  Here it is .  The big idea was to use drips and after a mess with acrylics I recalled that ink is a better fluid.  Anything messy is heaven to someone like me.  SO THE END for tidy clean desk.

I also emptied all the receptacles holding scraps and all the stuff (that might be useful).  This is my hangover from being raise by parents that survived two world wars with thrift! It was also a bright sunny day.  my primordial ancestors were hibernators so I have revived the practice and never leave the house when it is cold.   

This year my time will be spent on 3 classes at least through February. Life Documented, Kelly Kilmer's An Artist's study and Wanderlust 2018.  This should keep my desk in endless mess!

My local grocery store now has order on line and come pick the order up without leaving the car.  Do not plan to use it,(have yet to conquer the digital shopping list) and besides prowling the isles enables me to discover new addictions.  The latest is a blend of popped caramel corn and cheese -corn.  Currently crazy about baking sheet cooking and cooking with my Instant Pot.   The real reason is fast clean up.  

This week I plan to try and remember to link my blog tomorrow and try to visit you before heading to the gym and grocery shopping.

I hope some of you are trying Wanderlust, and we can share some weekly activities. 

I do not understand how the text changed size.  

Have a good week and create.
Hugs Monica


  1. Monica, I LOVE drippy messes and the messier, the more fun I am having! LOL I am so excited for your classes and I look forward to seeing what comes out of them for you! I agree about the aisle combing.......who can go without finding that new "can't live without addiction!" LOL Have a fabulous new year! Blessings Felicia #26

  2. Hi Monica, you are a lot like me as I just keep a;;kinds of things that I might use. My parents survived the second world war and I do think it had an effect on their attitude to looking after things and not throwing something away that might be useful and I think it rubbed off on me too. Happy belated woyww, Angela x13x

  3. Hi Monica, I'm following Wanderlust for the first time this year. I'll be sharing my first page tomorrow before lesson 2 is published. I am determined to keep up one way or another lol. I love the look of those drips and look forward to seeing your response to Jamie's first lesson. Are you part of the Wanderlust FB page too? Sarah #12

  4. Hi Monica - oh you are so good for me. I always end up laughing as I picture you in your home - making mess!! Enjoy!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  5. Oh you know i love a messy desk, it’s my default state and when it looks inky and colourful like yours, I see no problem! I’m a bit jealous of the fact that the days are escaping you this year, I think they got away from me some time last year and I cannot regain control! Glad to hear about the Instapot cooking, when we were in Idaho last summer my sissy used hers a lot and I keep wondering if I should treat myself....

  6. Hi Monica - I love how your desk is now messy again after just cleaning it! Desks were not made to be clean and tidy - especially ours! Love the drip idea! I agree completely about the hibernation - the only thing missing here is a fireplace! Have a great week, Lindart #31


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