trying to catch up on this year that started in the fast lane and I was back in the hills in the winding lane.  It is not helped by the weather.  We have seen more grey than sunshine and cold, very cold for here and more frequently.  So I am really ready for spring and keep telling myself that it is only February.  My artsy endeavors seem to have gone into the dark and I am itching to get out but feeling trapped in doing ditsy biddy things.

I even made 2 cards, not the beautiful cards you all make but accordion, painted with multi layers. Then I screwed up and mailed one that is due next month.  My head is bubble wrap!

Here is a card folded up

here is one side opened an below the 2 sides hanging down by table leg.  

here is the other side  
 Originally it was a folded flyer from Hyundai.  i covered it in black gesso a while ago and went back and added some white gesso than blobs of paint.  I should have done this before cutting the original flyer into 3 sections. 

here is my desk today ready for me to add to my journals.  I love working in the Art jar.  Alas my great ideas evaporate if I don't start immediately or get interrupted.   The journal next to the Art Jar journal is My Artist Study.  My dilemma here is will the collaged page ripple if i paint on top.   The next  journal is  is my Life Documented.  While perusing Pinterest i discovered many art calendar pages from a number of participants in 2014 DLP.  They were full of happy colors and inspirational.  Just what is needed to  dispel the doldrums and activate my muse.

The next 2 to 3 weeks are going to be difficult as on Friday Chris has Cryosurgery for the cancer tumor(7MM) in his prostrate.  At 80, he has never really had a dreaded disease and it is usually me who is in need of care.  Ms Kitty and Xochitl have made get well cards.  Ms K revealing her exhaustion here.

Have a creative week everyone and I will try to reach everyone when I can.


  1. Hi, praying that all will go well for Chris next week. I love the concertina card that you made; there isn't a rule that says cards have to be cheerful. Keep warm. Sarah #14

  2. Hi Monica, my best wishes for everything to go well for the surgery. Your Puss looks very comfy! Great cards and journals.Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #15 XxX

  3. Best wishes to your hubby with his treatment, I hope it goes well and has a great outcome. Crafting must help with taking your mind of it a bit, though I bet that gorgeous cat helps too :-)
    Hugs LLJ 12 xxxx

  4. wow, you have lots going on! great cards and love the journals... I am more than ready for spring, too! Helen #1

  5. Mm a whole month early is unheard of in my neck of woods.. late yes.. trés early.. nope. But you made a great card Monica, recycling so they enjoy it for a whole month .. cute kitty. Prayers for blessing on surgery for DH. Crafty hugs Shaz in Oz. X 16

  6. Good luck to your Hubby on his surgery! I love the Art Jar, but have only done one item so far...but the concept is so inspiring! And I love the repurposed flyer; great idea for a card. Have a Happy Valentine's Day.
    -K #34

  7. Good luck on the surgery for Chris. I love the black gesso on the card and your journal. I love having an art journal! Thanks for your earlier visit. Dorlene #37

  8. busy, busy, busy desk. The cards and journals are great! Hope all goes well with the cryosurgery! I just finished up my radiation therapy a couple weeks ago. Think I will try to do some journaling now. Have a great week. Vickie #39

  9. You are very ambitious, doing such special cards and journals.. I wish you th best for Chris.. Thanks for the peek at your desk. #40

  10. Oh dear, hope all goes well next week for you both.
    Love the idea of using a flyer to create a card - now that is something I have not tried myself.
    Roll on the better weather.
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx

  11. Great grungy card, love it!have a lovely week Vicky#7

  12. I hope all goes well with the surgery. Your kitty does look exhausted! I seem to see a theme of black and orange on your desk this week! Making a card from a Hyundi flyer is very creative! My root canal went well, but the recovery is very painful so far : - ( Thanks for your visit, hope your week goes well, Lindart #38

  13. Hi Monica. I do trust all goes well with hubby's surgery next week. I admit that I don't think I have ever sent out a birthday card early - usually (but not always) manage to get it there around the right date... but early?? Never. Well done on making such imaginative cards.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  14. Due to an unexpected assignment coming in I'm way late with my visit, ohmy, it's almost Wednesday again! But now I'm here, admiring your desk and the card you made, cards like that are just up to my alley, LOVE IT! Have a great week! Love from Holland, Marit #19

  15. HI Monica, my apologies for the late return visit, it was a bit of a hectic end of week last week. But I hope that your husband's surgery went well and is recovering well too. Thanks again for your visit. Have a wonderful week! xoxo Cheetarah #21


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