457 WEEK woyww

Last week tried to visit everyone but too soon after eye surgery to see well so I managed  about half.
This was a busy weekend.  We made marmalade on Sunday with the grapefruit our friends, Carol and Larry grew in Houston.They went to great lengths to protect the grapefruit from frost and cold. There was a lot of fruit and juice.  They all weighed about 1 lb each, unpeeled.  They require a lot of prep before cooking. 

Today, my workspace.  just finished journal pages using envelopes made  into a book for March.  Happened upon a saved scrap with a grapefruit on it.  This is my Documented Life Journal

Tomorrow we will make the rest of the grapefruit into marmalade. 

 Today the sun is shining and it is heating up.  So happy.  The view fro my studio window.  The birds are all beginning to return and Chris is on humming bird watch, so I bough 10lbs of sugar as he will start making their food soon.

 Last week came to a decision that I need to change my workout.  I decided to admit i am old and decrepit and join the Quicksilver class that is like Silver Sneakers ( a program for Seniors)  and to try a Stretch and Balance class for Seniors.  Good decision.  Ached after them but next day I was OK.  It happens to be where a couple of friend from the morning class also absconded, so that makes for good social interaction.  

My eyes are now fixed and I may need readers, so rushed out and bought a pair in a sort of purple color that is very much NOT me.  I bought two pairs on line in my colors (orange/ yellow), due Friday.  The way I am going I will need a pair for every room and the car.  After years of transition lens I will have to come to terms with the readers and with sunglasses.  

At the weekend Carol helped me and found the photo bomb Google added to select photos for an April Fools joke in 2010.  It was a jiggling David Hasseloff; heard the name but I did not know who he was or is.  Very annoying.   But Carol found how to delete it.  Previously I cleaned up my Mobile so now it does not loose charge every 3 hours.  

 I am now anxious to work on Wanderlust and catch up.  Have a great week everyone.  Hope UK is thawing out  and drying out.

Hugs and try to visit everyone tomorrow.


  1. George and i both need readers--we have them everywhere--one room has about 4 pairs in it!!

  2. Hi Veronica, glad that you have recovered from your eye surgery now; hope the new readers arrive soon. How coincidental to find an appropriate grapefruit image for your journal. Good luck catching up with Wanderlust. I am waaaaay behind. Sarah #7

  3. Sorry for the name mistake Monica!

  4. Hi Monica, love grapefruit, and grapefruit marmalade, but now I'm on pills for high Cholesterol, I can't have grapefruit at all. So miss it, as it was the only fruit juice I'd drink. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 XxX

  5. Afternoon Monica. Those grapefruit are HUGE. The marmalade will be wonderful. Hope you enjoy it. Imagine having hummingbirds visit your property - oh wow! The grapefruit page looks good!
    Glad the eyes are doing well - the change in prescription is amazing, isn't it?
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  6. Hi Monica, Glad your eyes are fine now. I have ready readers of various strengths, but I also have prescription glasses for driving. Now purple is my favourite colour.

    Never had Grapefruit Marmalade.

    Your journal looks lovely and colourful.

    The view you have is wonderful. Hope the Hummingbirds are back soon.

    Glad you liked the new exercise class.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #20

  7. wow, you have been getting sorted! my parents used to make marmalade, with oranges not grapefruit, and certainly not home grown! have a good week. Helen #1

  8. Hi Monica. Glad the eye surgery went well. Wow the grapefruit are large! One fruit I just don't like ... looks good in your layout. Have a lovely week Heather x #13

  9. Hi Monica, I love grapefruit and they look like woppers! Have a great woyww and a lovely creative week, Angela x18x

  10. Glad your eyes are good now. Cheaters are fun to wear. I have them in several colors.
    April #34

  11. Happy Belated WOYWW. Thanks for stopping by. Grapefruit Marmalade sounds heavenly!! Glad your eyes are good to go, I can't wait to see your Wanderlust work. Have a great week.
    -K #29

  12. So glad your eyes are better, don’t overdo it trying to catch up with Wanderlust! I eat grapefruit daily and I couldn’t agree more, that fruit takes so much releasing! 1lb each...wow, that some big grapefruits! Bet the marmalade is lush.


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