week 460 of WOYWW

Impatiently try to solve why Google is not picking up desk photos and why Spectrum music is playing such crap on the jazz channel.

This week my desk was used not for art, well a little of the time, but for the odious task of removing rubber stamps from wood block due to the (impulse) purchase of a stamping platform.  I was so impressed, after watching a gazillion videos on how to use it that I could actually stamp and produce a complete ink covered stamp.  Mine is a VERY modest stamp collection with many rubber wood blocked ones.  In a frenzy of excitement I began tearing them off only to experience fingers and stiff joints were not sharing my enthusiasm. Nor did these newly emancipated stamps produce like the newer padded ones (specifically the Azoline lovelies).   Finally the solution, to buy  E-Z backing stuff.  Amazon Prime  is  as I write, tearing through their warehouse to get it to me soon!

today is overcast and rainy it looks like England.  really but warm So I made a cuppa and plunged into the Cadbury caramel creme eggs that become an obsession at this time of the year.  This year there is a bountiful supply.  Rotten weather has such wonderful ways to soothe and aide the psyche.

My art was catching up and seeking inspiration.  This week one theme was abstract art.  and others to do self portraits, neither inspiring.

my self Portrait 

 and here is my abstract art.  I had set out to add a cityscape but when i saw this I new that here was truly intuitive art and a calling from the sisterhood of the wine bottle.

Now back to the kitchen to slice up cookie dough roll for a future party with the wine sisterhood. below is a WIP, a wall hanging by my friend Deanie.  She makes up such imaginative fabric art.  Deanie is 84 so you see life is full of promise.

So for this week I leave you and tomorrow will try to visit as many as possible in WOYWW.

Hugs to you all


  1. I want to be part of your wine sisterhood so much and also to meet Deanie! Ids there room for a Brit to join in? Lol. I like your sel portrait very much and also your reason why you swapped ideas...
    Hugs LLJ 9 xxxx

  2. Nice art! Oooh creme eggs yum yum yes please. Heheh have a great day!
    Ellie #27

  3. I think I'm part of a branch off sisterhood at the moment - Sisterhood of the vodka - usually sister hoof of the whiskey liqueur but I have non so am slumming it! Haha.

    Your post has made me chuckle all the way through. Love the image of Amazon staff rushing through their warehouse for you.

    Thank you for your visit earlier. I have spies in the second year and am reliably informed that although there is animation there is also a lot more illustration and printing, painting, drawing etc. The young 'uns tell us older ones that ALL students know Photoshop and are horrified at our sheer incompetence at it. (We all grab a teenager to sit next to us when we go into lessons) well excuse us - not the 40+ ones who prefer getting their hands dirty. Photoshop and all that Adobe guff is like a foreign language.

    Hope to see you next week, hope your joints start to play nice.

    Carmen x #26

  4. Hi Monica, great post, so interesting! Love the Creme Eggs too- we can get them over here in a pack of 4, which also comes with a couple of tiny spoons to eat them with, but make a great tool in the craft room for adding glitter/ Ep etc! Great excuse to buy more, lol. Running late this week, got distracted by the chance to do some gardening again yesterday! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #8 XxX

  5. Hi Monica, yes I also had that idea to take off some stamps off the wood block but I have decided to buy tack and peel because most of mine come with the foam from the block. Sadly the tack and peel was on back order so I will get it in a few weeks, but I hope it will work just as well. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment :) xo Cheetarah #30

  6. Wow, Deanie is one hell of a talented octogenarian - is it the wine? I too want to become an honorary member of your sisterhood - Jan and I would be good, well, sort of as good as you want us to be.
    Hugs, & Thanks for visiting me
    Neet xx

  7. I love your self portrait. I so need to do that job with the stamps but just don't seem to get round to it. Have a great belated woyww and happy creating, Angela x19x

  8. Hi Monica, at least you are up to date with the people Wanderlust lessons; I haven't done one yet! Your friend's appliqué is fabulous! Sarah #7

  9. WTG Monica! Love the intuitive art and the wall hanging! I found the 30-45 second stint in the microwave helped the stamps release easier and I used the little spatula to help them along. Hope you are having a great week! ...I am late getting around as usual! Vickie #39

  10. Gorgeous art work from all concerned this week, Monica. Hope you enjoyed the cream eggs. Thank you for your visit last week. My surgery went ahead and I was in 4 days and after 2 days home, had to come back in yesterday because of bleeding from my stoma but they’re sending me home today.



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