WOYWW #461

Good morning what's on your workspace today?  After a week of removing rubber stamps from woodblocks my hands are sore and fingers stiff and there still remains  5 to be cleaned of glue! Enough! for a week or two.  Yesterday I planned working in my journals.  Immediately spilled pink paint on the journal.  Too, too much so spread it around and then had to leave to dry.
below is my computer work space where I paint when doing on line classes.

Below, is were the "pinked" journals are drying I added a few other acrylics, orange and yellow.  Pink is a color I never choose to use, since my Dylusions Bubble Gum Pink dried up. Reviewing my stash of cheap paints revealed a lot of pinks, unused.  So why do I have so many pinks?  The time has come to use them up.

This is the south side where my sewing stuff used to reside.  Now donated to  a group o women who meet to sew I have attempted to turn this into an area for new stuff awaiting a permanent home. Thus, it has become a dumping ground.  

Now why this photo moved I do not know.  Today is the first morning that there is no fog.  Today is expected to be cold and rainy and then 4 days of sun.  Friday I have friends over for a fun evening.  

Need to get busy and on with my day.  The new gym class is in the afternoon and easy enough for these old bones and weary muscles to enjoy.  
Have a great week visit Julie and see what is happening around the world with crafters.


  1. Hi Monica, I think we all have at least one worktop/desk space thats used as a dumping ground while we 'get round to putting it away', lol. I'm also someone who doesn't use pink unless I don't have a choice. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxXx

  2. Hi Monica, love that box with the cat's paws all over it and now wondering what it could possibly have contained. It's tales like yours that prevents me tackling the job of removing stamps from wooden blocks, besides I do like them even if they do take up more room that way. I chuckled at your dislike of pink - for me it's yellow. I'm forcing myself to try combining it with colours I do like - maybe that way I'll come to like it better. We have snow here today. Enjoy your new gym class this afternoon and have a lovely week. Elizabeth x #25

  3. Hi Monica. Yes, those pages do currently look quite pink... I'm sure you will have fun using and completing them, though. Enjoy time with our friends.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  4. I like the beginnings of the journal pages! I am not much of a pink person either trending towards the richer deeper colors. I found that grunge and steampunk actually work well with the pinks I have amassed! sometimes a drop or two of brown tones them down! Thanks for visiting my desk! Vickie #8

  5. Hi Monica, I love the pink and orange combination; maybe the spillage was one of those happy accidents. Have fun on Friday with your friends. Sarah #16

  6. Love the pink pages - things happen for a reason! Pink is such a happy colour! Your craft room is so bright and cheery too! We are enjoying (?) rain today, we had our fog last week! Enjoy your Friday night of fun! I'm jealous! Lindart #30

  7. Thanks for popping by my blog earlier - really cheered me up! Hernia is inoperable due to its size & has been for a very long time but the cough that came with that dreadful flu bug in January just about finished it off. I will find a way but it has been a bit lowering.
    I love your craft room & look forward to visiting again soon & seeing what you get up to. Love to you from Debbie xxx

  8. How funny that you have lots of pink to use, its not a colour I would associate with you, but I bet you turn it into something bright and cheery rather than pink and sweet! You did the right thing if you aren’t using the sewing stuff...even if the space is becoming a self filler! You’ll suddenly get sick of it and sort it out and then it’ll creep back....that’s life!

  9. Happy WOYWW & thanks for sharing! xx Jan (36)

  10. As I don't have that much desk space the floor tends to be the dumping ground of choice at mine. I just can't face taking the wood off my old stamps it just seems like too much of a job so I am impressed. Have a great woyww, Angela x17x

  11. Happy Very Belated WOYWW. I actually like the few wood-mounted stamps I have - I think I have about 7! Pink is a colour that I love to create with, especially really bright and bold shades. Ali x #19

  12. Your picture moved because it got caught up in the code when you centered the text above it. I only know very basic html code which I've learnt from doing blogger and ranting at mine doing the exact same thing but yes - that's pretty much why. If you wanted to fix it you could go into edit and click on the picture and click centre. If that doesn't work you can go into the html, scroll down till you see the bit of writing above the picture then below that in the < > brackets you just change the words from align left to centre. Or you just think sod it - it's fine and go make a cuppa :)

    Loved the look around your space and am SO glad I am not the only one who sends stuff flying, looks like a happy accident though - love the way those pages are looking. Also LOVE your cat cup.

    Sorry I'm late - hope you are having a good week.
    Carmen x #37

  13. Can't remember if I 'signed' that comment - it was Carmen # 37 (Sorry I'm late x )


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