472 WOYWW June 12

  Cable, TV, Internet all off this morning just came on and it is 8.55am.  Spectrum is the pits.

Another week has gone and so much time wasted in trying to get stuff to work in Google as well as having to plough through Facebook to get past political claptrap.  

Art wise it is a disastrous week or two.  Nothing seems to work it is all a mess.  

This is my work table.  Very messy as I worked on several things and NOT cleaning in between. results in some chaos  When it is clean I lose inspiration.  So this is my Icad mess and my two journals.  Actually Wanderlust has many journals as i use different sizes depending on the class.   Originally the journal were quite organized than enthusiasm propelled me along and off I went in all directions.  Sometimes it feels like I need a large area others and other times smaller or special paper.

on the right is my computer desk.  I copy things from my PC at this desk, especially instructions and 'how to" ideas.

This is Xochitl's solution to the 99F days we have had over the past 2 weeks.  

This is a Painted Bunting on the feeder.(through kitchen window).  My husband designed a wire that hangs off the deck and attached the feeders so the racoons cannot destroy the feeders and the cats not catch birds.  

Xochitl tries every morning, just walking along the fence top rails.  We are on the summer migratory path of many birds This year we have seen many of these sweet colorful birds.  

Have a great week everyone will try in the morning to visit everyone.


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