WOYWW June 6

WOW had to check calendar for date!  I have just stopped laughing after reading julie's blog post about her river frolics.  Know I have been missing but last week had appointment with audiologist to hook my hearing aid to my phone by bluetooth.  The phone now rings into my hearing aids.  Now I have to alert everyone about how to reach me as i stuck with using landline as the speaker worked better than holding phone to ear.  It really works very well.
Now to my work table.  I have spent the weekend on Wonderlust 2018 and gone nowhere.  The artist was an Aussie, Tracy Verdugo and she used photo images that were double exposed (in an app called Diana) and then painted a picture with inks and some other supplies i have and have never used. After several hours I abandoned the image does not use photos stored in Google photos. Nevertheless, undeterred I marched on, well until I knocked the black ink all over the table.  Tried again after cleanup and then the ink dried were shouldn't  and would not bleed where it was meant to.

My studio helper.
Her most helpful position all day!

This is my window desk and my Documented Life journal where i am not following the prompts as they involve neat executed tasks, not the domain of an ink splasher. On the right my June divider, I made a collage of last years ICADs as I plan to do it for this year.

ICAD = index card a day Challenge a free challenge to make art on an index card, posting daily to instagram, daily prompts that you use or not.  

 I did not sign up for ATC swap so imagine my surprise when I found a lovely card from Kim Young in the mail.  Now camera will not sync to blogger so i am unable to show a photo of the card.


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