Busy day and achieving nothing .  Working on Life Documented  and Wanderlust.  Catching up with icad but as soon as I do it's the next day!!!!
my work desk today

computer desks

Binder covers first coat after gesso. 

Calendar pages for week 26

As fast as i clear up I start another project.  It is so hot that the acrylic paint is drying as I put it down.  Cats are clapped out in hallway I hope.  Xochitl was given a new collar today and Chris just found it, outside.

After 5 weeks in the shop and them doing nothing Chris had his usual repair shop take it from the dealership.  A friend lent him a truck when he went on vacation.  When he uses my car I have to remember to change the seat, the mirrors, the radio, the AC and so on.  The repair shop it is in will not be able to look at it until after July 4.

Time for a cider wish it would rain.  NO CHANCE

I am wondering what I can do to remember to post this so I can visit .
See you tomorrow.

I will try to visit tomorrow


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